Gary Shirley: Leave Amber Portwood Alone!

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Gary Shirley has, by his own admission, talked hella $h!t about Amber Portwood. But that doesn't mean YOU can, the rotund one stated Thursday.

The Teen Mom star has taken quite the beating in the press thanks to Gary's remarks and leaked phone calls. Now he wants her to be left alone.

Poor Chelsea Houska

Seriously. As he told TMZ, there's still a chance they'll hook up again and he doesn't want to hurt those chances. Besides, she's a "good girl" ...

BY HER SIDE: Gary Shirley has Amber Portwood's back ... this morning.

"I've said a lot of s**t because I am mad," admits Gary Shirley, the father of baby Leah. "But if anyone else wants to come up and talk s**t about Amber I won't let it happen because she is a good girl, and she's my baby mama."

Indeed she is. Gar then sounded like a textbook spousal abuse victim, adding "I am fine with the fact that Amber hit me because she has gotten all the help that she needs. Ever since that she hasn't put her hands on me."

On a poignant, optimistic note, he concludes, "When the [restraining order] is lifted ... if she's single and I'm single, I'm sure we will try our relationship."

Brings a tear to your eye ...

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In addition to the physical abuse (which is really bad) Amber was constantly flying into a rage in the second season of Teen Mom. Every time something pissed her off she turned into a screaming lunatic and unless she got her way right away she would either kick Gary out or threaten to kick him out. Then when Gary finally gave up and stopped crawling back and acting like a doormat shr REALLY lost it. I can't imagine living with someone like that and Iwould never let my child live with them either. Gary may be no prize, but damn! Amber is a total wack job. Whatever "help" he claims she got she needs about 10 more years of! Good luck Gary,your gona need it.


gary ur dum after all she as done to u uwant her back thts rearted i would just go live a new life! :) amber is just gonnna do the same thing all over again just watch untill she does


Gary stop making excuses and covering for your abuser
obviously you need help too to learn to accept she does have a problem stop being her victim
real-wishes dot com where wishes become reality


ok so she talk a whole lot of crap because he was mad! really? ok first off he is an idiot! understand saying crap when you are mad but leaking stuff to the reporters is going a tad bit far. I think there is more to this story than anyone knows. She is young and with a baby. She is stressed. That however does not give you the right to hit your significant other. I think befor they get back together maybe trying some couple counseling!


well i wish gary and amber all the best and i hope if they do get back together they can learn to work together as a team and stay together so that they can help each other it is important for them as parents to set a good example for baby leah and work out their relationship but good luck gary .


Oh, my! What a wonderful tan Amber has and such beautiful eyes no wonder Gary is still in love with her. This young couple is so lucky to have a beautiful child. I hope they get married. Good luck Amber and Gary and little baby.


Getting back together would be the best thing they can do for their child, especially if Amber is pregnant again like previous tabloids said. If they can get past this little bump in the road, they're child(ren) will get the opportunity to have quality time from both parents as long as Amber agrees not to put partying and drugs before her kid(s).


Gary, you're a blithering idiot and by the way, so is Amber.


Well isn't that the fat pot calling the kettle black gary needs to stfu himself that dumbass


Yeah Good luck Gary!!!