Gabriel Aubry Panics Over Paternity

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Last summer, Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry showed the world how to break up in a mature, classy manner.

But might things now be turning ugly?

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The Canadian model made a surprise legal move this week, filing documents in Los Angeles Superior Court that ask a judge to officially declare him the father of the couple's two-year old girl, Nahla. It may be the first step in a prolonged custody battle between the exes.

Prior to this move, Berry and Aubry had agreed to level the legal system out of their arrangements with Nahla. For her sake, let's hope everything remains civil.

And let's pray Kim Kardashian never gets her hands on that adorable tyke.


Halle berry is 1 screwed up woman,she got her morals all mixed up. First she got rid of the black men now she wants 2 run around with the white men and have babies out of wed lock ok halle if u wanted all that u could of done that with Eric but u wanted a career. If u took the time and take care of the man u had the nympho wouldn't had 2 sleep around. Oh ps halle ur getting old 2 keep popping out babies u aint all that .


Good for him! Just trying to make it legal and sound...remember Anna Nicole Smith and the father of her baby? If something happens to her he won't have to fight a current husband for his own kid. Makes perfect sense to me.

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