Fox Rejects Super Bowl Ad for Jesus Hates Obama Website

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Super Bowl XLV viewers won't be watching a porn star shill for a website that encourages infidelity, or a pair of bobbleheads make the assertion that Jesus Christ isn't a fan of Barack Obama.

Earlier this month, the network rejected an ad that featured Savanna Samson promoting the site AshleyMadison dot com.

Now, it's made the same decision regarding the 30-second spot below, which Jesus Hates Obama founder Richard Belfry was hoping to get on the air February 6:

"Do I really believe Jesus really hates Obama?," says Belfry. "No, but I do believe in freedom... as in the freedom to poke fun at the Obama administration when I don't agree with their policies."

What's scarier: The fact this site exists, or the fact that it apparently has enough funding ($3 million) to afford a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl?


her fucker obama


"christians" who "love obama"- are you just blind-- what bibles are u reading? jesus wouldnt hate obama... yea we kno that. but he is democrat, and its guaranteed christ wouldnt vote democrat-- not a chance!! gays..sodom/gomorah, pro choice(matthew ch18:1-7) christians?? get it some research if u know christ. get off the milk and get on the meat. nobody is stopping any1 from researching some real facts.. ya home boy obama doesnt like christ.. and we know that... just go to youtube and type "obama georgetown christ".. pull up the news story from fox or cnn or whatever and see how he just disrespects christ openly. so the commercial is not offensive and if u a real christian for christ you wouldve already known whats up.. dissect everything u read.. from english to greek to hebrew.. research it!! or stfu abt the b.s!! cuz u aint a real christian!!! you basically using god as a crutch! read--and read deep!! just bringing truth-- christ reigns!!!


I'm Christian and i love Obama! keep my homeboy Jesus out of this political mess.


I'm appealed!


Only a drop kick moron would use the name of Jesus for their own sick benefit DICKHEAD!!!!!!!


I was thinking the same exact thing H.H. Where does the $3 million come from and if they are "apparently" so close to Jesus why wouldn't that enormous amount of tax free money go to a real cause? PS - Jesus doesn't talk to me but if he did he would probably tell me that he doesn't like organizations using his name to spread hate and confusion.