Former Lawyer Swears: O.J. Simpson Was Innocent!

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F. Lee Bailey helped O.J. Simpson beat the rap for murder. Now he's trying to help clear his name in the court of public opinion for some reason.


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    After reading my own comment, I realize that I do not believe O.J. was the killer.


    I think the killers were looking for Faye Resnick. She paid them off by writing a terrible book about NIcole. And yes I think fuhrman planted evidence. And I also think there were more than one killer. Whether one was O.J. I do not know.


    Comment by queenuni

    Agreed. Gloria Allred is a poor excuse for a woman.


    Would you agree there are too many coincidences in Mark Furhman's involvement? 1) Furhman was at Nicole and OJ's house years before the murder 2) Fuhrman is a known and admitted racist. 3) Furhman was known to plant evidence in other cases. 4) Furhman pled guilty to perjury during the trial. 5) Furhman supposedly "found" the glove, 6) Fuhrman supposedly "found" the blood in OJ's car, 7) Fuhrman supposedly "found" the sock, 8) Furhman begged the LAPD eleven years before the murders to relieve him from duty because he was afraid of what he might do to black men because he hated them, and 9) Fuhrman tried to inject himself in Nicole's life... Does that seem like a lot of "Fuhrman" coincidences to other people?


    Ever watch "Dexter"? Notice those short, driving gloves that he wears when doing "the deed"? That is the type of glove OJ wore that night, that appeared in court and had been shrunken and disfigured by the blood soaking that they took. The glove DID fit, but the jury was too ignorant to take into account that the gloves were supposed to be short, as they were driving gloves, and would have slipped on more easily had they not been soaked in blood that then made them very stiff after drying.


    Not that I think OJ is innocent or anything, but having Ms. Allred comment that Bailey's actions are "sad" is laughable to me. That woman is a joke!


    Shut up Bailey.

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