Farrah Abraham Calls Out Kim Kardashian, Stands Up For Teen Mom

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Just a few hours ago, THG debated whether Kim Kardashian should give advice on teen pregnancy, in light of her recent remarks on MTV's Teen Mom.

This celebrity gossip writer argued that Kim's comments were uncalled for, given the reasons behind her fame, and it was not her place to weigh in.

Farrah Abraham appears to agree.

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It looks like Kim's Teen Mom tirade may have gotten a bit too preachy for one of its cast members, who responded to K-squared's criticism on Twitter.

Last week, Kim took to her blog to speak out against teen pregnancy and included MTV’s Teen Mom in the missive, saying it fosters a troubling trend.

“It seems that shows like Teen Mom are all of a sudden making teen pregnancy seem cool in the eyes of young girls,” was one choice Kim excerpt.

“These kids are all over the news, even covers of magazines, and have almost become celebrities, but girls, these are not people you should idolize!”

Farrah Abraham takes issue with Kim, to say the least.

“So i must say i’m not feuding with anyone, but honestly kim is not a role model if anything she encourages teens to become pregnant,” she writes.

"Sex tape, drinking stupidly, Playboy, all the guys. Really you remind me of a mess. I am a role model so if people are in need I can help."

“You should never use Trend & teen pregnancy in the same sentance!!” said the mother of baby Sophia. “Wow stick to your fashion scene.”

What do you think? Is Farrah out of bounds in her response to Kim? And was Kim even in the right to speak out on this in the first place?

We asked this earlier in our THG ASKS segment and will do so again: Should Kim Kardashian be giving advice on teen pregnancy?


Kim K may not be the sharpest tool in the shed and famous for all the wrong reasons but she's not dragging a little innocent baby along while she does it. Farrah is NO role model at all! The girl who put her newborn down on a kitchen table and left the room,the girl who left her baby in a carseat outside a closed apartment door while she moved in thinks she is a role model? Nope. Can't stand either of these whiners at all but I must say Farrah needs to calm down and get over herself. Kim we know never will.


i agree with farrah becuz its better having a baby with u than being aloone!


I honestly think neither of them are people to talk about being "role models"....
Kim is always getting plastic surgeries is middle aged,dozens of guys, and never had at least 1 kid and is setting the example that all those things are good
then Farrah is practically saying that teen pregnacy is good....so yea neither oif them should talk about that matter....

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