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Kim K may not be the sharpest tool in the shed and famous for all the wrong reasons but she's not dragging a little innocent baby along while she does it. Farrah is NO role model at all! The girl who put her newborn down on a kitchen table and left the room,the girl who left her baby in a carseat outside a closed apartment door while she moved in thinks she is a role model? Nope. Can't stand either of these whiners at all but I must say Farrah needs to calm down and get over herself. Kim we know never will.


i agree with farrah becuz its better having a baby with u than being aloone!


I honestly think neither of them are people to talk about being "role models"....
Kim is always getting plastic surgeries is middle aged,dozens of guys, and never had at least 1 kid and is setting the example that all those things are good
then Farrah is practically saying that teen pregnacy is good....so yea neither oif them should talk about that matter....

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