Farrah Abraham Calls Out Kim Kardashian, Stands Up For Teen Mom

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Just a few hours ago, THG debated whether Kim Kardashian should give advice on teen pregnancy, in light of her recent remarks on MTV's Teen Mom.

This celebrity gossip writer argued that Kim's comments were uncalled for, given the reasons behind her fame, and it was not her place to weigh in.

Farrah Abraham appears to agree.

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It looks like Kim's Teen Mom tirade may have gotten a bit too preachy for one of its cast members, who responded to K-squared's criticism on Twitter.

Last week, Kim took to her blog to speak out against teen pregnancy and included MTV’s Teen Mom in the missive, saying it fosters a troubling trend.

“It seems that shows like Teen Mom are all of a sudden making teen pregnancy seem cool in the eyes of young girls,” was one choice Kim excerpt.

“These kids are all over the news, even covers of magazines, and have almost become celebrities, but girls, these are not people you should idolize!”

Farrah Abraham takes issue with Kim, to say the least.

“So i must say i’m not feuding with anyone, but honestly kim is not a role model if anything she encourages teens to become pregnant,” she writes.

"Sex tape, drinking stupidly, Playboy, all the guys. Really you remind me of a mess. I am a role model so if people are in need I can help."

“You should never use Trend & teen pregnancy in the same sentance!!” said the mother of baby Sophia. “Wow stick to your fashion scene.”

What do you think? Is Farrah out of bounds in her response to Kim? And was Kim even in the right to speak out on this in the first place?

We asked this earlier in our THG ASKS segment and will do so again: Should Kim Kardashian be giving advice on teen pregnancy?


I think both these people have an exaggerated sense of self importance. Kim stated her opinion about teen pregnancy and glamorizing it but Farrah shot back as if it were a personal attack on her. Neither one should be a role model in any way. But the message that teen pregnancy=bad idea is correct no matter who says it.


OMG i am worried abt HIV/AIDS if u sexually active js condimise end of story.


i am the same age as kim and i was a teen mom..my daugther is 15 and we watch teen mom but mtv doesnt show the true struggles of being a teen parent, they choose what they want viewers to see. I think farrah and kim were both in the wrong! Unless u have experienced it u should watch what u say..to point out each others wrongs is wrong..u should use ur celebrity stats to help young women!!!


I'm with Kim. . .she might not be a role model but she's right. How can u be 16 and pg.


I agree with Free Britney and farrah...but come on she's not a role model and neither is kim


You ppl actually think just because of teen mom and 16 and pg more teens r gettin pg. R you kidding me? Teen pg has always been there and always will. Its nothing new so stop acting like its the girls faults for getting pg.... do you guys remember the pg pact from a bunch of girls in a high school..guess what they did that long before 16 and pg...come on get real there's teens in every school in every state gettin pg and its been that way forever so quit blamming these girls for it..there just tryin to show how hard it is and to wait and if ur not gonna wait and u r gna have sex use protection no one is gna stop any teen from havin sex all u can do is educate them...


Her rebuttal was right, her reason was wrong.
NEITHER of these girls are role models IN THE LEAST.
To become at least acknowledgedly decent role models in my book, Farrah and Kim should show girls what it's like to live that lifestyle -- what it's really like (which is what Teen Mom/16 & Preg. attempts, but doesn't do as well at as True Life) to show girls they really don't want to do those things! When they are adults, they can waste however they want, but as children growing up watching trashy shows where wild, out-of-control, and sometimes nude girls seem to be having the most fun of their lives defying their parents and rebelling against lives free of worry and strife to turn to lives they thought were glamorous, but turn out to be riddled with debt, stress, and misery, they need to be warned of what could really happen if they acted like Kim or Farrah.


I think the bottom line is that Kim is an adult. Regardless of whether she makes the best decisions, the fact of the matter is that she wasn't a Teen Mom, and even as an adult she still understands that she's not ready to bring a baby into her life. She's allowed to be reckless and silly because she doesn't have a child depending on her. The problem with these Teens Moms is that they get pregnant without 2 thoughts about the consequences, then when the baby arrives and the reality hits, that's when they want to be kids and actually live the life of a child. Its ridiculous.


I must say farrah is at wrong for saying what she said. Kim Kardashian is a Adult and she is human like each and every one of us. We all make mistakes. Kim is an adult she might of done a sex tape n etc. She was well over age to do so , but you did not see her having babies when she was a teen. im glad that she came out and spoke about teen pregnancy. Teen pregancy is getting very common when it shouldnt. This show is suppose to represent young mothers going through struggle on being a single mother or just being a mother period. farrah is far from perfect. Go kim !!


you know what? maybe kimm should shut the hell up..no she doesn't have a kid because she is to self centered to take care of anyone but herself...she tweets pics of herself barely naked all the time..sex tape,playboy,stupid reality show,dresses like a tramp 24/7..please Farrah is not perfect,but at least she tries to be a good mom!!!What aboujt Kourtney? not a teen, but has a baby with a douce-bag!!! Please Kardahians SHUT THE F##K UP!!!!

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