Farrah Abraham Calls Out Kim Kardashian, Stands Up For Teen Mom

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Just a few hours ago, THG debated whether Kim Kardashian should give advice on teen pregnancy, in light of her recent remarks on MTV's Teen Mom.

This celebrity gossip writer argued that Kim's comments were uncalled for, given the reasons behind her fame, and it was not her place to weigh in.

Farrah Abraham appears to agree.

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It looks like Kim's Teen Mom tirade may have gotten a bit too preachy for one of its cast members, who responded to K-squared's criticism on Twitter.

Last week, Kim took to her blog to speak out against teen pregnancy and included MTV’s Teen Mom in the missive, saying it fosters a troubling trend.

“It seems that shows like Teen Mom are all of a sudden making teen pregnancy seem cool in the eyes of young girls,” was one choice Kim excerpt.

“These kids are all over the news, even covers of magazines, and have almost become celebrities, but girls, these are not people you should idolize!”

Farrah Abraham takes issue with Kim, to say the least.

“So i must say i’m not feuding with anyone, but honestly kim is not a role model if anything she encourages teens to become pregnant,” she writes.

"Sex tape, drinking stupidly, Playboy, all the guys. Really you remind me of a mess. I am a role model so if people are in need I can help."

“You should never use Trend & teen pregnancy in the same sentance!!” said the mother of baby Sophia. “Wow stick to your fashion scene.”

What do you think? Is Farrah out of bounds in her response to Kim? And was Kim even in the right to speak out on this in the first place?

We asked this earlier in our THG ASKS segment and will do so again: Should Kim Kardashian be giving advice on teen pregnancy?


I agree completly with Farrah. People do see her as a role model, Farrah has been through so much, and people call her a spoiled brat, or a bitch. Thank about how she lost Sophia's dad in a car accident. Imagine what she has to go through every day knowing that her baby will never see her father.
Kim Kardashian seriously needs to shut the hell up. She has no right to make a statement about teen mom like that. Honestly it sounds like shes just jealous that she doesn't have a baby and they do. I mean she got famous off a freaking sex tape. Patheic. I support the teen moms. Fxck you Kim.


Will i think that the show is made for young kids to see how hard it is to have a kid . Kim K is not a role modle because if see was a role modle she would have not put that sex tape out & would tell kids not to follow in her foot steps . smhhhhhhhh Just because kids watch the show does not mean they going to go out and have sex . Way before the show was made kids was have babies at 16 . I Think that Farrah could be a role modle to some young kids , thats going through the same thing she went through .


both are sad...Kim is a tramp but because she has somewhat famous genes & $ people don't see that. Farrah is not the best mom or daughter. As a teen mom myself, I never behaved or acted the way she does. If I had a daughter I would not want her looking up to either of these 2. Kim is probably mad that teen mom takes away from her show.


its funny how the worst moms frm teen mom are the ones sayin anything i dont fully agree with kim but farrah calling herself a role model is about as hilarious as kim opening her mouth in the 1st place thr all media whores n i blame ryan seacreast he should lose a limb each time the kardashians get a new show totally went off course thr but yea lol


neither are role models. Both have become celebrities for essentially inappropriate behaviour.


I see both sides to this, and they both have great points, but they both aren't role models, ESP Kim. I love me some Kim, I do, but like it was said, she became famous because of a sex tape. Yes, yes, she is a face of fashion, but she also endorses harmful weightloss products and plastic surgery. What message does that send out to her impressionable fans? Eh...both need to shut thier pie-holes


Kim Kardashian is only famous because of her sex tape with Ray J. That slut should not be giving advice for ANYTHING, especially teen pregnancy.


In a way Farrah is a role model. She doesn't glamourise being a teen mom in the slightest. Watching her on the show she goes through the most and I don't think I've ever seen her say it was easy. I'm a teenager and I can safely say that until this show was aired I assumed having a baby would be so easy, I've definatly changed my mind now. I don't think the teen mom girls should be attacked in the slightest for causing other girls to get pregnant. Think about the girls who watch the show and have not gotten pregnant (which would be a large majority). I admire the cast of teen mom (bar one obvious) and think you cannot justify Kims status by saying she's a fashion icon, she was no-one before and is now living it up in the riches for no spectacular reason whilst other people who do good struggle to get by.


This Farrah girl is not a role model. Let's get that straight. She is everything that I don't want my daughter to be. Kim may have made a sex tape and used to run with a bad crowd but over the last couple of years she has really turned into a fashion icon. She is one of the most recognizable faces on the planet. So saying that Kim is known for doing nothing is kind of like saying that super models are known for doing nothing at this point. I'm obviously going to side with Kim on this one because she is right. Teenage girls are some of the most easily influenced people on the planet. If they think that getting pregnant will make them a star then they will do it. PS - MTV states that the show is to educate but what are they exactly teaching when you see these teen moms riding around in limos and being on the covers of every magazine?


I dont think Kim has a place to say anything. She got her fame from leaking a sex tape. should girls not idolize her too then? Teem mom should not be the blame for Teen Pregnancy. Teen pregnancy has been happening long before this show even aired. I think this show helps raise awareness to young girls and shows them its not as easy as they think it would be to be a parent. Message to Kim: You are not a role model and your opinion on teem mom contracdicts with your actions and how you got famous. Quit trying to tweet B.S. for fame and get a real job.

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