Emily Maynard: The Bachelor Favorite?

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From the moment she was introduced on The Bachelor season premiere last night, Emily Maynard became a favorite - to win, and among viewers.

Emily was formerly engaged to Ricky Hendrick, a NASCAR driver who died in a plane crash in 2004. Right after that, she learned she was pregnant.

The beautiful single mom from Charlotte, N.C., is the quintessential Southern belle and a sweetheart to boot. Brad Womack? Immediately smitten.

She's got the story, the looks and the personality. Will she win? Here's The Bachelor's introductory Emily Maynard montage from Monday ...

With a little plastic surgery, Hugh Hefner would be all over it, but luckily for us, she doesn't look to be artificially enhanced. Except for the tan.


She is by far the best candidate on the show. I think she is gorgeous, sweet, and composes herself with such poise. I think Brad deserves a great woman, but more importantly, I think she deserves a great man. If it doesn't work with Brad, she deserves to find someone truly amazing.


My dad know Rickys dad.. They use to race back in the day in drag boats.


Emily was my roommate freshmen year of high school - she is a sweet down to earth girl who deserves nothing but the best. She has gotten a breast augmentation but would never pose in Playboy - he daughter is her life and she would never do anything that would hurt that little girl. I hope she finds true love - no one deserves it more than Em.

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