Elle Schneider Speaks on Luke Worrall Affair

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Kelly Osbourne thinks Luke Worrall is... a bad word for female genitalia.

In a new interview with Us Weekly, Elle Schneider explains why: this model carried on an affair with Worrall. It began "a year and a few months ago," Schneider says, and it's noteworthy for another reason:

Elle Schneider (pictured) was born as a man named Reynaldo Gonzalez.

Elle Schneider Picture

Regarding her sex, Schneider - who is awaiting gender reassignment surgery - says of Worrall:

"He knew instantaneously... He was definitely not turned off by it at any point. In fact, he was turned on. He made it very obvious."

Schneider adds that Worrall is the second guy she ever slept with, doing so at the Four Seasons in early 2010 and then losing touch with him until November, at which point he said things with Osbourne were over...

... even though he was trying to reconcile with Kelly simultaneously, unbeknownst to Elle Schneider at the time.

After Kelly found messages online to Schneider, she contacted the model - and the pair are now unlikely pals.

"I gave her an idea of who I was. I was never mean... And I was always there to listen when she would cry or call me. And she told me 'you know I understand what he sees in you and I respect that'. I [have] no ill intent towards her. She and I are still good friends."

As for Worrall? Schneider cut ties with him this month.


How modern!


thats kinda hot lol...ewww kelly was cool back in the day but ever since she got skinny she has forgotten who she was,she made fun of taylor momson for wearing too much eyeliner hmmm pot-kettle much,what does kelly know about fashion other than how not to dress,hopefully she'll learn her lesson: don't go after broke ass singer/models who are way too good looking to date you as they only want fame


Wow, look at the nasty people in the comments. What's wrong trolls? Are you jealous of a transgender woman? Chances are both Kelly and Elle look way better than any of you. That is if you're online attitudes speak to your attractiveness. One can only hope that isn't the case, for your sakes. Although, personality certainly plays a large role regardless...


She-man DOES look way better than Kelly Osbourne. Luke obviously likes his women (or men, or both) to resemble manimals for some reason. Kelly is WAY WAY WAY uglier, though, IMO. With all that money that her daddy has, she should have seen a plastic surgeon. But I guess all Luke wanted was a dong, apparantly.


I hate to say it but this she-man looks better than Kelly Osborne. That's not saying much.


Kinda gross, no wonder Kelly was pissed. Lost you guy to another guy!! OMG


1 word... Gross... Is it me or is it nasty that this "chic" is a dude and that Luke still fucked him? Disgusting


Oh wow. That's an interesting twist to things.

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