Elle Schneider Speaks on Luke Worrall Affair

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Kelly Osbourne thinks Luke Worrall is... a bad word for female genitalia.

In a new interview with Us Weekly, Elle Schneider explains why: this model carried on an affair with Worrall. It began "a year and a few months ago," Schneider says, and it's noteworthy for another reason:

Elle Schneider (pictured) was born as a man named Reynaldo Gonzalez.

Elle Schneider Picture

Regarding her sex, Schneider - who is awaiting gender reassignment surgery - says of Worrall:

"He knew instantaneously... He was definitely not turned off by it at any point. In fact, he was turned on. He made it very obvious."

Schneider adds that Worrall is the second guy she ever slept with, doing so at the Four Seasons in early 2010 and then losing touch with him until November, at which point he said things with Osbourne were over...

... even though he was trying to reconcile with Kelly simultaneously, unbeknownst to Elle Schneider at the time.

After Kelly found messages online to Schneider, she contacted the model - and the pair are now unlikely pals.

"I gave her an idea of who I was. I was never mean... And I was always there to listen when she would cry or call me. And she told me 'you know I understand what he sees in you and I respect that'. I [have] no ill intent towards her. She and I are still good friends."

As for Worrall? Schneider cut ties with him this month.


When will people learn that you can't say tranny on TV? I have to admit that Kelly is uber hot with normal hair.


I am a transgendered woman waiting for SRS Surgery but I am always honest with everyone. Believe me there are some SICK F***S out there that are so perverted you wouldn't believe it. I haven been on a so called Dating Site and every sick you know what has got back to me and has made me vomit. Just because we change in to Women we are not here to be abused.


Kelly раз в �то кра�ивее 4ем ЭТО


Мл���� корова �трашна� ;Ъ


I agree that using Elle's birth name is not respectful. I don't see why writers always feel the need to do this. It's as if they want to gloat that they have the scoop and they know who the person "really is." It's not your place to reveal that information!


This is truly ashame. We at the sperm donation clinic see it fit that Kelly Osbourne takes our advise here and gets some of lukes donated sperm so she can reproduce little luke babies without his consent then she can keep a little peice's of him (peices being the babies of course) :) thankyou for your time Kelly.


kelly and the he-she look quit simular interestingly.. anyway i always wondered why luke was with her cus the was round hot models doing those steamy shoots.. im jus glad the truth has been unvaled on that basterd he truly deserves it. i thought he was hot buh his actions hav portrayed wat a douche he really is :/ shame on you luke worrol.. p.s inoo im a bit l8 wiv this comment buh w/e i had nofink else to do


Yo. Just wanna send a shout out to the author of this piece. Obviously this is a gossip rag and I like those as much as the next gal but I wanted to point out the use of Elle's birth name. It goes far beyond gossip to remind the audience about this person's past identity. Not to say there's anything wrong with her past name but it's not the place for ANYONE other than her to revel that kind of info. Trans people, especially in major media, have their personal lives WAY more picked apart than anyone else could even imagine. The use of her past name is both ignorant and embarrassing on the part of this website and I ask for all who read this to consider learning a bit more about gender-variant lived experience. And listen to marginalized people in general because frankly, they know best.


ewwww,i luv dis story so fascinated,but bliv kelly is so not gud lukin dat i even tot she is the he-man,men i tin elle luk far more beta dan her,,,,,,,,but all d same such is life kelly jus move on....


OOoh. They should get back together they are both disgusting.

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