Eclipse Nominated for Worst Movie of the Year

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Look out, Razzie Awards. You've just made yourself a number of passionate enemies.

The ceremony that hands out trophies for what it believes to be the absolute worst in cinema has nominated Eclipse for a 2011-high nine awards. All three beloved cast members - Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner - have been recognized in their respective, insulting categories.

At least these stars can be happy they aren't Jessica Alba. In just one year, she garnered four nominations for Worst Supporting Actress.

In past years, A-listers such as Halle Berry and Sandra Bullock have been great sports. They've actually attended the Razzies (held the night prior to the Oscars) and accepted their awards.

Does this mean we'll see Stewart on stage next month, smiling for the audience as she is voted Worst Actress? We doubt it. Check out the list of major nominees below.

The Bounty Hunter
The Last Airbender
Sex and the City 2
The Twilight Saga's Eclipse
Vampires Suck

Jack Black - Gulliver's Travels
Gerard Butler - The Bounty Hunter
Ashton Kutcher - Killers" and Valentine's Day
Taylor Lautner - The Twilight Saga's Eclipse and Valentine's Day
Robert Pattinson - Remember Me and "The Twilight Saga's Eclipse

Jennifer Aniston - The Bounty Hunter and The Switch
Miley Cyrus - The Last Song
Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis & Cynthia Nixon - Sex and the City 2
Megan Fox - Jonah Hex
Kristen Stewart - The Twilight Saga's Eclipse

Jessica Alba - The Killer Inside Me, Little Fockers, Machete and Valentine's Day
Cher - Burlesque
Liza Minnelli -Sex and the City 2
Nicola Peltz - The Last Airbender
Barbra Streisand - Little Fockers

Billy Ray Cyrus - The Spy Next Door
George Lopez - Marmaduke, The Spy Next Door and Valentine's Day
Dev Patel - The Last Airbender
Jackson Rathbone - The Last Airbender and The Twilight Saga's Eclipse
Rob Schneider - Grown Ups

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Twilight movie.
This movie is very evil Movie !!! attracting many young age people to evil. people doing this kind of movie for make money but they are really don't understand that they are serving for evil. People thinking that is ONLY move NO NO . If some one only watch this already can poison your pure heart. it is very bad for your Soul. Please don't watch it . There is very bad and evil energy and consciousness of this move. this energy will poison your spirit. Please stop poison young people with pure heart.


Eclipse was the worst movie. It made Bella mean, Jacob meaner and Rob look weak. I thought this was a love story between Edward and Bella. I hate that movie I will only read the book because the movie sucked. Even the magic world can not be that lame.. How did you let them mess up Stephenie Meyer's beautiful book?




Oh PS.... @twilightlover .... No its not that. They voted them worst actors/actresses/movie because thats what they are. We really don't care about your movies, and saying that we are "stupid" "dumb" and "eternally damned jerks" because we don't find a certain series enjoyable? Pathetic. Go back to dreaming about you little fairy love, cause thats about as far as you are gonna get with a (non-desperate) man.


Im laughing at all of these twihards. They are SO defensive that they resort to the "they are jealous" card, which is about as low as you get. Granted, twilight did make a lot of money. Thats only because you dragged your little boyfriends there. Iv read all the books, seen all the movies, and even though I read them cause I lost a bet, I read them with an open mind. It sucks. I'm sorry but it really and truly sucks. But, hey, maybe its because I have better taste.




Honestly i'm pretty tired to here everybody saying "oh Twilight sucks! blah blah blah" if that were true then why the movie raise so many millions in just a week or in a fucking month. Honestly, there are worse movies than Eclipse, but i already discover that this prizes are always given to good movies and goos actors, if they are in a franchise they will be in this stupid awards!


I agree with them but Taylor was good. Kristwen stewart and Rob should have been voted as worst actors. For sex and the city the Samantha character should not have been on the list. she can act. She is what carries the show and I don't watch it. I've only seen sex city 2 and she made me want to watch more of her on tv. Kristen should have never won an actress award for anything. She can't act her way out of cookie jar. Zoe (Played the Niteri in Avatar) should have won that. She trained for months in harsh terrain, acrobatics, and facial expression to match Jame Cameron's new tech. What did Bella do....pretend she was constipated and hide her gigantic ears.


People who asked for Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Jackson Rathbone and Taylor Lautner to be nominatinated for worst actors are Stupid, dumb and eternally damned jerks. Eclipse, the worst movie? Ha! You fuckin' assholes who voted for this better watch your backs 'cause we Twilight fans are gonna track you down and rip your throats out! I mean it!!!!!!
It's just a deliberate attempt to demoralize the Twilight stars so that Breaking Dawn does not reach th epitome of awesome..I am sure of it....some people can go to any extents..


I've read the first two fucking books, my best friend has read all of THEM and we both agree that Twilight is garbage. Kristen Stewart cannot act, the Twilight Series is like Avatar: Overrated and not worth the hype, hype does not mean it's good. And Twihards, I am allowed to have an opinion and if you don't want to respect that than don't expect me to respect your opinion. I heard a lot of these movies were really bad, I just can't wait to see what people and films win. XD