Did Michael Jackson Subject Blanket to Unnecessary Anesthesia?

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A fatal dose of the anesthetic Propofol led to the demise of Michael Jackson, and Dr. Conrad Murray will be tried for involuntary manslaughter as a result.

Part of Murray's defense may be Jackson pressuring, even begging him for drugs. While this story is separate, it may speak to MJ's power of persuasion.

The Late King of Pop

According to a TMZ report, Michael subjected one of his kids - Blanket - to the same kind of risky, unorthodox medical treatment that later killed him.

In 2008, Michael reportedly cajoled a Las Vegas dentist into performing a procedure on Blanket in which he was put under anesthesia for two hours in a dental office.

An office that did not have the necessary permit for anesthesia.

The Nevada Board of Dental Examiners kept records of MJ's interactions with Dr. Mark Tadrissi, who initially refused to work on Blanket due to the lack of permit.

According to the Board's investigator, MJ didn't want to hear about permits and told the doctor, "Have an anesthesiologist do whatever type of sedation required."

Tadrissi capitulated and performed the two-hour procedure on Blanket, who was just six at the time. An anesthesiologist had Blanket sedated the entire time.

Here's where it gets even weirder.

The Board learned of Tadrissi's actions after Michael died and initiated disciplinary action against Tadrissi for allowing Blanket to be anesthetized in his office.

The Board also went after Dr. Tadrissi for allowing Jackson to receive - you guessed it - Propofol in his office, without the proper permit for that drug either.

Dr. Tadrissi was sanctioned in 2010.

In a draft of the report, the Board based sanctions on his treatment of Blanket and Michael. However, in the final version of the report Blanket was absent.

There is no mention of the boy or his treatment.

A source connected with the investigation says pressure was put on the Board to omit Blanket from the report. From who, it's very much unclear.

All that is clear is that Michael Jackson got what he wanted when it came to risky medical procedures, and may have put his youngest at risk.


just because a celebrity tells you to do something that doesnt always mean do. something very serious could of happened to blanket. the dentist could of been in a really bad situation right along with blanket. the dentist should of spoke up and just said no i cant do it because i dont have the proper license.


I know it sounds horrible , but most parents dont like to hear their child crying at the dentist office, I have a son with a heart condition and he is so scared of the dentist, if he needs major work done, he will need to be put to sleep also, so , its hard to judge...Miss you Michael.RIP


Why doesn't anyone let the King of Pop rest in peace already?
Bless MJ's soul, I am sure he'll be coming to haunt everyone who ever said things like this about him.. RIP MJ.


they need to stop it even if he did let them give it to the child it was to have surgey on his mouth not to get hi. we was six...when took my child to the dentist to get a cavity filled and they went to numb her mouth with a need she bit the hell out the man so i dont blame him for giving it to him if its even true


the media is full of hell and i can't wait until they go to the place they're full of-HELL because one they surely will, while they're making reports about michael his children the devil's demons are making reports about them seeing which is the best way to get them to hell. The media ia attacking an innocent 8 year old baby-child blanket because he's not white, but they're treating prince and paris good and even praising them because they're white like them- but the media forgot that GOD is in controll and HIS run to and fro throughout the WHOLE earth and GOD always has the last say and he will repay those who work wickness. I will be praying for blanket for protection against demon possesed jealous people. GOD shall in JESUS NAME PROTECT BLANKET IN THE NAME OF JESUS AMEN.


This is a sham!! We all know that they are trying to get attention. So what could be a better source than MICHAEL JACKSON!! When it comes to business!!!


This is a ridiculous twist of facts. Michael wanted to spare his son some pain. This is common in many dental procedures. Michael asked the dentist for an anesthesiologist, he didn't ask the fool to do it himself when he wasn't licensed. Michael Jackson's main problem is that people threw their professional ethics out the window upon meeting him in order to stay in his circle. A dentist would say to any other patient, I'm not licensed for this procedure so I will refer you to Dr. Jones who is an expert in this type of thing. That is what my dentist did for my root canal, that is what hubby's dentist did for his procedure, that is what any ethical professional would do.


Poor Blanket? where they get that from they r trying to paint michael jackson as he was some monster what is wrong with the media ? they hate him just that bad .now they have gone way too far esp using an innocent 8 year old boy all b/c he comes from michael r they trying 2 say mike was trying to get his kid hook on drugs? mike would have never done anything like that the media doesn't want to give mike credit 4 anything that goes 4 him being good father that he was. how low can u go! no wonder he kept them cover up and away from the media


This is a PR exercise to make MJ look bad.

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