Did Jason Malachi Sing on Michael Jackson Album?

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Jason Malachi, a well-known Michael Jackson sound-alike, just "came clean" about singing on the star's posthumous album, which some MJ supporters have insisted features a vocalist other than the late King of Pop on at least some tracks.

But Malachi himself says he is the victim of fraudulent claims.

Here's the back story. In 2007, a song called "Mamacita" leaked, and was rumored to be an MJ song. It was actually Jason Malachi, a dead-ringer for MJ.

An MJJ Producion

Fast forward to this weekend, when Jason Malachi took to his Facebook page and made this astonishing claim: "Sheesh guys, I guess it's time to confess."

"I've lied to many people, including someone today, but ... It was me. It was me who sang 'Breaking News,' 'Keep Your Head Up,' 'Monster' and 'Stay.'"

"I had a agreement with the record company, but now the cat is out of the bag," he added. "Sorry to all my fans, and to my fellow Michael Jackson fans."

Jackson fans who insisted those "fake tracks" are not their idol likely felt vindicated by this - until Malachi's manager disavowed the Facebook page.

Thad Nauden says someone created a phony page in Jason's name, touting that he conspired to fool Sony, the Michael Jackson Estate and the public.

Nauden says Jason - a Deputy Sheriff in Maryland in addition to a singer - wants everyone to know beyond any doubt he did not sing those tracks.

Nauden threatened to get to the bottom of this hoax, claiming whoever created the Malachi Facebook page is malicious and had better lawyer up.

For whatever it's worth, here's "Breaking News" from Jackson's new album, along with one of Jason Malachi's own songs. Hear the resemblance?

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I'm a big fan of MJ. I think that Sony is not so stupid to cheat the whole world. If someone would try to give it to the court, Sony have lost millions. It's easy to prove that the songs sung on the album are performed by Michael. Just be the voice of computer-based analysis and compare it to the voice of Michael Jackson. Sorry if my English is not good, but it is not my native language, I am still learning:) I hope you understood:) Love you Michael!


After hearing the CD, I believed BTN and the Joy song wasn't MJ, but now Jason says it's BTN and 3 others that are his! It's jus sad, that's all I know. All the lies told while Michael lived, now, all the lies since his death. This world is so corrupt. Is there not enuf evil goin on, without adding MJ and his legacy into the mix? Let him and his family have the peace they deserve.


I can't believe how many people still think its not Michael and are so adamant about it. At least two of the songs were definately him to begin with, one of them was released as a demo extra on a previous album of MJ's while he was alive, and Hold My Hand was also leaked while he was alive, of which MJ and Akon were devastated about, but it was most definately the two of them. Why is it so hard for people to believe then, that from a huge career spanning decades, there are not other singles that were never released, now available for sony to tweak and release postumously??? Look up the origin to the 'Behind the mask' song, from as far back as Thriller. I think all these conspiracy theories are just sensationalism and I'm personally enjoying just having what released MJ work there is left.


Personally, I think the whole thing is bull. I was raised on Michael Jackson; I know what he sounds like. I believe that he did sing every song on his cd. And if I'm wrong, and this other guy did sing it... I just don't know how he can truly call himself sa fan after that. But, if I am wrong, I don't wanna know. Leave a fan with the little piece of MJ she has left. :'(


Jason Malachi has a very lovely voice and his voice is indeed similar to Michael Jackson's but like a fingerprint there's certain nuances and signature to MJ's singing that just can't be duplicated by anyone. The only way to duplicate this is by using technology, this to me is more believable. Remember these signature sounds was coming out of MJ's throat, his voice box, his body. the "hee hee", the "ha", and that Hiccup sound he made exclusively Michael's. I listened to a few of Jason's tracks and they are close but he didn't do Breaking News, that was an unfinished track by MJ that they use technology to complete. If Jason had done any of the pieces on the new album, the contract would have been so ironclad that he would have lost everything, not to mention lawsuits. This is about a lot of money for all concerned, he would not be on facebook saying I'm busted. Pleeeease...............


not true i brought the album myself and it sounds like Michael to me i know his voice. Sony and Michael's estate is not that stupid to try something like that esp how the media and wll.i.am Ne-yo didn't help by saying it disrespectful to release his music without him being here to bless it and that y the album in the USA didn't do so well but did ok overseas that y the album was boycott BY HIS FANS. then how in the hell is his music is suppose to live on then? as far this guy claiming he can sing like him he wish. his lying I think his being paid to say this crap michael well always be the king of pop no matter what. he died doing what he was born to sing and dance RIP


Yikes! I had my misgivings about the single BREAKING NEWS. It's a good song. Too bad Michael isn't singing it. Sony is in big trouble for attempting to fool the public. What were they thinking? Michael Jackson's fans are not that STUPID!