Did Jason Malachi Sing on Michael Jackson Album?

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Jason Malachi, a well-known Michael Jackson sound-alike, just "came clean" about singing on the star's posthumous album, which some MJ supporters have insisted features a vocalist other than the late King of Pop on at least some tracks.

But Malachi himself says he is the victim of fraudulent claims.

Here's the back story. In 2007, a song called "Mamacita" leaked, and was rumored to be an MJ song. It was actually Jason Malachi, a dead-ringer for MJ.

An MJJ Producion

Fast forward to this weekend, when Jason Malachi took to his Facebook page and made this astonishing claim: "Sheesh guys, I guess it's time to confess."

"I've lied to many people, including someone today, but ... It was me. It was me who sang 'Breaking News,' 'Keep Your Head Up,' 'Monster' and 'Stay.'"

"I had a agreement with the record company, but now the cat is out of the bag," he added. "Sorry to all my fans, and to my fellow Michael Jackson fans."

Jackson fans who insisted those "fake tracks" are not their idol likely felt vindicated by this - until Malachi's manager disavowed the Facebook page.

Thad Nauden says someone created a phony page in Jason's name, touting that he conspired to fool Sony, the Michael Jackson Estate and the public.

Nauden says Jason - a Deputy Sheriff in Maryland in addition to a singer - wants everyone to know beyond any doubt he did not sing those tracks.

Nauden threatened to get to the bottom of this hoax, claiming whoever created the Malachi Facebook page is malicious and had better lawyer up.

For whatever it's worth, here's "Breaking News" from Jackson's new album, along with one of Jason Malachi's own songs. Hear the resemblance?


I agree,that those 3 songs mentioned are not Michael,maybe some of the background sounds MJ does,I wont even listen to those 3 songs,I just read the words and sing them myself.It really get my gander up that they have cheated us.Those are MJ's songs,they are asses for doing that.Jason can try to sound like MJ all he wants,wont work in my book.


The cascio tracks are fraudulent and the truth shall come out sooner rather than later. Lots happening right now .....Check out mjjc and maxjax forums. Comparison audio of cascio tracks with malachi tracks totally damning. Powers that be are removing comparisons in matter of minutes. Why if they have nothing to hide?


sorry but they sound nothing alike lol. and how i do he sounds to white brecking news sounds likea black dude witch is MJ


I am a life-long fan of Michael, and much older than many of you. I know MJ's voice, and the tracks on the album "Michael" are all his. Listen very closely to Malachi's singing. His upper range is forced, vibrato staggers. Problem is, you young people don't really listen to the music, and you don't fully understand melodic tone and dynamics. How else could you explain "Glee" albums topping the charts? You're all tone deaf!


The test of this album "Michael" will be the speed with which Sony puts out another posthumous album. After all we have heard and Sony's total lack of promotion of "Michael", I'm convinced there are no further songs worthy of release and they can't take chances with patched together vocals, so they just won't bother with another album. Seems like Henry Vaccaro of Vintage Pop Media has a few hundred tracks; maybe Sony wants to partner up with him!


i have to admit, the vibrato on jason's single there is very, very similar to that of "keep your head up", the way it comes in stronger towards the end of the phrase each time and i did notice myself getting irritated by MJ's vibrato in that song ... makes you wonder


This information is all correct. Listen to "Much Too Soon" on the album and you can tell by the passion in his voice that it is Michael. Then listen to Keep Your Head Up. Besides the song being terrible and not even written by Michael i'm sure, the vibrato is completely different, the pronunciation of words is completely different, etc, etc.


i have the cd and i know that that is michael on every track no a sound alike stop faking Jason Malachi you know that you did not record on his new cd stop trying to take credit in mj and his fan were mj fan not and we know michael when we here him i know for a fact the ablum already out now so therefor all the talk is not helping


randyjacksonbutt for someone that thinks the way you do about michael you sure do follow the story..i've seen your name many times when you submit your comment on a different story about michael!!!!!!


I have no idea what the debate is about? The CD I heard is clearly MICHAEL JACKSON! Sorry guy, I am not buying any of bul****T about this MJ wannabe!! Believe - don't doubt! Media is on purpose trying to play this game by starting debate after every new songs that been released by MJ Estate to lower down the sales for MJ albums - Can't you fans see it? Conspiracy against his Estate and MJ once again even after death? I have promised myself - I am going to buy every new song or album released by MJ Estate or Sony since they know the best - NOT THE MEDIA OR MJ WANNABE'S!! RIP MJ.

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