Did Christina Aguilera Attack Julianne Hough?

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Did Christina Aguilrea get down and dirrty with Julianna Hough at a party over the weekend?

Insiders tell E! News that Aguilera confronted her Burlesque co-star at a pre-Golden Globes shindig at the Soho House in Hollywood on Friday night.

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"Christina really got in her face," a witness claims, detailing how Aguilera unleashed a verbal assault on Hough and tried to grab her.

The day after an alleged confrontation between these two, Christina Aguilera and Julianne Hough sizzled on the red carpet.

Sources on the set of their movie say Aguilera and Hough never got along, although it's unclear why the former allegedly threatened the country singing career of the latter in this incident.

"The whole thing was troubling. People felt bad for Julianne," said an onlooker.

Aguilera's rep, of course, refers to this report as "nonsense." No word yet from anyone in Hough's camp.


Julianne way more beautiful and classier then Christina A.
Yea Christina can sing but she's trash !


this is a lode of rubbish i cant believe people will believe this nonsense clearly shows how dumb you idiots really are. christina was sitting with julianne during the show and has always had nothing but praise for each other why would this happy. remember you idiots the press also tried to say Christina and cher were cat fighting on set which clearly turned out to be nothing but lies trying to bully Christina. @ jaime? spell your name right! idiot. Xtina is fat now what? im sorry but with the stressful year shes had she deserves nothing but praise for looking the way say does, if you went through her sh@t im sure youd look no where near as good as christina did, remember a few months ago before her divorce her constant bullying from the press and other artists fans she had an amazing body? her body can change but your idiotic behaviour and also bullying cannot.


Where in the world is Blaize?? Not defending your baby??


Nice Jaime I agree!!


AHHWWW is someone hating??? Get over it! Too funny LMFAO


Shame on YOU Christina! Havent YOU ben the vicitm of "bullying" in the past yourself? Pretty demeaning, huh? Dont you know how awful it feels to be the new kid on the block and be degraded in Public? Seems like you forget all too easily. Or maybe you are just threatened by a very talented, younger, and more beautiful woman...inside and OUT! What goes around comes around, dont ever forget that. Nice example you are to your son...or is he a spoiled brat bully too? Huummmm????I wonder...


Jealousy brings out the ugly in people !! Your great Julianne


ok i don't know why all these damn celebs can't get alone it was kw with ts and now kw with bs and now xtina with hough i never liked xtina she needs to get over it and shutup and leave hough alone ryan needs to protext his girl no wounder why xtina husband left her she got fat and now she is starting to be like a slut again . go hough


Xtina is fat now. She has not beenable to shed the baby lbs, and nowshe is bitter that a "real" blonde has shown up inthe music world that is a billion times hotter than she is, does not make funny faces when she sings, and is actually a real dancer. Julianne has a rocking body than x-tina only wishes she ever had. xtina is done. 1996 and the genie in the bottle are so long ago. Time to move on to better things.

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