Did Christina Aguilera Attack Julianne Hough?

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Did Christina Aguilrea get down and dirrty with Julianna Hough at a party over the weekend?

Insiders tell E! News that Aguilera confronted her Burlesque co-star at a pre-Golden Globes shindig at the Soho House in Hollywood on Friday night.

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"Christina really got in her face," a witness claims, detailing how Aguilera unleashed a verbal assault on Hough and tried to grab her.

The day after an alleged confrontation between these two, Christina Aguilera and Julianne Hough sizzled on the red carpet.

Sources on the set of their movie say Aguilera and Hough never got along, although it's unclear why the former allegedly threatened the country singing career of the latter in this incident.

"The whole thing was troubling. People felt bad for Julianne," said an onlooker.

Aguilera's rep, of course, refers to this report as "nonsense." No word yet from anyone in Hough's camp.


Am sure she'll loose the weight soon, she must hate how she looks. I've heard she only employs hot assistants, she really needed to come back down to earth and that's what's happnin now. Her album, movie flopping and the divorce and custody thing, its all going to help her realize she's not super woman. She'll bounce back after a while, everyone goes through this phase at a point in ones life. It helps you realise stuff u were doing wrong and who ur true friends are. If britney did it, anyone can.


you maybe right sara but get ready for Blaize and others who will defender her for some odd reason


she will end up like britney im telling yall i never liked xtina


I believe it who really gets along with skantina ?really she doesn't even let people look at her if she did that to me I would beat her 5'0 behind she thinks she's all that Snookie I mean floptina needs to be nicer to people.




This makes me laugh. It doesn't sound true @ all.


If there were so many witnesses then how is it we don't know what they were "bickering" about. It's all lies, media just likes to create negative situations around women. That's just the fd up world we live in.


ok its not jamie its julieanna


@sia: A 'slut' is somebody who sleeps around. At 30 years old, Christina Aguilera has only had 4 boyfriends in her life. There are teenagers who have been with more guys than her- both Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift have been with just as many guys and they're younger than her. So nobody can ACCURATLEY call Christina Aguilera a whore. She's a woman who has embraced her sexuality. That's not wrong. don't believe everything you read, folks!


@sara and jamie: The only reason why people think Christina Aguilera is fat now is because they're used to her being skinny. If she were the average woman on the streets you wouldn't think she was fat. In this picture Christina does look prettier than Julianne. Julianne looks like a scrawny middle-aged woman here. Skinnier isn't always better. No wonder why there are so many anorexic and bulimic girls both inside and outside of Hollywood.

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