Did Christina Aguilera Attack Julianne Hough?

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Did Christina Aguilrea get down and dirrty with Julianna Hough at a party over the weekend?

Insiders tell E! News that Aguilera confronted her Burlesque co-star at a pre-Golden Globes shindig at the Soho House in Hollywood on Friday night.

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"Christina really got in her face," a witness claims, detailing how Aguilera unleashed a verbal assault on Hough and tried to grab her.

The day after an alleged confrontation between these two, Christina Aguilera and Julianne Hough sizzled on the red carpet.

Sources on the set of their movie say Aguilera and Hough never got along, although it's unclear why the former allegedly threatened the country singing career of the latter in this incident.

"The whole thing was troubling. People felt bad for Julianne," said an onlooker.

Aguilera's rep, of course, refers to this report as "nonsense." No word yet from anyone in Hough's camp.


This is the part where the rollercoaster comes back down!!!Fast!!!!


shame christina, your a great singer but you are a nasty bitch (she has insulted nearly everyone in hollywood well atleast those she hasn't slept with) dud marriage,dud album,dud film (may be a hit but its still dreadfully unoriginal cancelled tour,passing out in peoples beds and now scrag fighting with younger starlets (most probaby because she's feeling old,she mocked britney and called her white trash when britney went a little crazy and now she's is doing the same thing!!! she looks like she should be on jersey shore


Brandi, Julianne is a natural blond, she had to go Brunette for Footloose, now she is working to get her natural color back.


Julianne is a class act lady, she tweeted that people should not judge unless they know the whole story. She said she would always stand up for her idols especially when they are going through a rough time.


Nice Brandi you are right!!


Jaime...lmao @ you thinking Julianne Hough is a real blonde, that's about as accurate as your statement that Genie in a Bottle came out in 1996 (more like '99 sweetie :). Your love for Jules is sweet...I adore Christina just as much...just make sure you get your facts straight before you try to insult Xtina :)


O.K. Blaize I will give you E for effort but that's about it.


@joanna38: Only if you're a prudish fool. This isn't 1750. There's nothing wrong with showing skin and women don't have to dress modestly all the time. You can't tell if a person is good or bad based on what they're wearing. Besides, both of them played exotic dancers in the movie Burlesque, and Julianne has worn revealing clothing before. A 'slut' is somebody who sleeps around. People who go around labeling women as skanks/sluts/whores for showing skin are narrow-minded and really immature.


Just looking at the two pics we can tell who has class and who is skank.


@monkey: I defend her because unlike most pop stars nowadays Christina actually has talent. Also, she doesn't have a track record of getting high, dui, going to rehab, or other crap like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and other stars. And unlike SOME people, I don't believe every single rumor I read about celebrities. Why in the world would Christina Aguilera attack Julianne Hough? Julianne has said nothing but nice things about Christina. She has no reason to go after her.

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