Deena Nicole Cortese Drops Pants, Leaves Her Mark Early on Jersey Shore

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How long did it take newcomer Deena Nicole Cortese to immerse herself in her new lifestyle? About halfway through the Jersey Shore season premiere.

Before throwing down with Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola - who she later called the "C-word" - the 4-foot-10 firecracker performed an impromptu striptease.

Even The Situation was thrown off when she "mistakenly" pulled off her bikini bottom. That's saying something. Here's Deena Nicole Cortese in action:

Deena defends getting in Sam's grill, as she “felt the need to stand up for [herself]. As for the NC-17 show above? Nope, no explaining that one away.

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I f***** love deena! I don't see how she's a hoochee...


Im not liking Deena, she is a hoochee. She clearly stated its been 2 months, di just jump right in on Mike. Not!




Welcome to Jersey Shore Deena. What a spitfire you've proven to be. You're going to love the group. A real fun group of people. They're always partying and enjoying themselves. About the Squirrel Monkey and Kitten comments. I knew a guy who use to break the backs of goldfish. He was a handsome fella. That same guy who tortured these goldfish was in a car accident and he now has to live with severe chronic back pain for the rest of his life. He's gained at least 200 pounds from immobility due to back pain and he also suffers erectile dysfunction. So don't worry squirrel monkeys and kittens karma is on the rise too.


Welcome Ms. Cortese....we could do with more balls in that house - now we get rid of mike and ms stupid girl- my bf is a cheat and took him back sammy and we good!


They did that to squirrel monkeys? I known of them to do that to kittens in texas :(


The internet is blowing-up in ref. to squirrel monkeys. Seems that pet shops have had an unexpected rush on the little critters. Go figure!!! One can only hope the little guys live a good life with their new owners. I also hope they don't end up like the story a few years ago. Some sick dude in Texas got tired of his two and buried them alive, up to their necks, in his yard. Then, he mowed his lawn.


Cortese is hot!