Deena Nicole Cortese Crushes on Pauly D

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New cast member Deena Nicole Cortese from Jersey Shore has a crush on fellow MTV star Pauly D, she revealed to Ellen DeGeneres in an interview airing today.

Who doesn't, really?

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Asked who she was most intimidated by coming in, she said, "I always thought Pauly was good looking. I was a little more intimidated to talk to him at first."

Asked if she's interested, Deena said, "Yeah, well I always though Pauly was good looking." Ellen's response" "Well, it seems like it. Pauly, she's interested."

As for her feelings toward another member of the Shore house, she said, "Whenever I was drunk for some reason I always thought Mike was good looking."

The following, hilarious exchange follows:

Ellen: When you're not drunk, you don't think he's good looking?
Deena: No, when I'm not drunk, I'm like a normal person. When I'm drunk, I look embarrassing. I'm like, "Oh, hi Mike." I'm like, "Oh no. Here we go."
Ellen: You can rectify that if you don't drink. It wouldn't be like that.
Deena: I know.
Ellen: But he's got a Situation going on there.

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I love jersey shore yuh guy r awsumly krazxii i am jada conrad i am 15 yearz old about 16 on April 16 ! Im soo happy da mainz dat i lik the MOST on the show is : DJ Pauly D ( #1 ) , Snooki , Jenni , Vinny , Mike ! n the newly Beautiful Deena ! idk bout sammi n ron dey str8 bt dey aint all dat ! i love M-ike , V-inny , P-auly D ! - M.V.P ) DUHH TE AMO - I LOVE YOU JERSEY SHOREE !! ) comment bakk plzz . :)


Deena you look like a good person you would look ok with Pauly D ( the D.j ) . I think he has alil feelings 4 you 2 because you can tell how a person acks . You guyz / girlz are great on live t.V 2 much drama . Like 4real bt i love how you guys all come back 2 a fam-ily) . ILoveYou guyz !


I love jersey shore . Its the greatest show that has ever came on t.v . I would like 2 meet all of yuh guyz ! Yuhr great t.v stars . I hope i get mi wish some day !