Classy Octomom Starring in Fetish Video

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So much for not demeaning herself in search of a quick buck.

Octomom Nadya Suleman will star in a new fetish video, in which she whips a grown man wearing a baby diaper and a bonnet, according to TMZ.

The video was shot in her L.A. area home and shows Suleman in a black corset and leggings. Sadly for Rex Ryan's wife, feet are not a focal point.

Mah Nads

SO WHIPPED: Someone is gonna be by Octo. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

At one point in the film, Octomom apparently whips the dude in the diaper so hard that he has welts on his back. That sounds so hot ... or something.

The video will be shopped for sale in the near future. Both Nadya Suleman and the guy getting his a$$ whooped have signed a release so it can be sold.

Somewhere, Steven Hirsch can't believe he missed out. That or he bankrolled the whole thing under a different division of Vivid. One or the other.


Are you people serious? What the heck is the difference between what she's doing and what “famous� stars do? Do they not “act� in movies with graphic sex, stripping, nudity, drugs, murders, slaughtering people, child molestation, child abuse, insane behavior, insane appearances, etc, etc ? I guess because the “stars� that “act� in these movies are, “famous�, and liked for being an actor, it's ok. Do they not have children at home? She's doing what “actors� have been doing forever. She's just not liked because she had all those children. Well tough s..t, she has to make a living to support them. So keep on “acting� Nadya, more power to you. The children are here and their mother has to support them. Amazing how it's ok for “stars� to act out outrageous parts, ISN'T IT


remember how when she was first found it was discovered she once was a stripper and used the name angelina, and she had plastic surgery on her lips and changed her hair to angelinas, i think she thinks she is a celeb now like angelina and is like her. she is absolutely insane and i feel for that kindergarden through 5th grade school of children she has! that entire school will suffer.


Oh to aspire to such greatness - if only....


@ Deb: Thank you for acknowledging my comment,and as always I have no quarrel with any of the readers at THG. I easily respect your comment,and yes I did use the term (us) po-folks. Considering the fact that the article was not about me,I used the term as an expression. As you probably already know Po-Folks is a Restaurant, and the song Po Folks is a 1961 copyrighted Hit Song by Country Singer/Songwriter and TV Personality Bill Anderson. When I used the term, I was not crying the blues, but I do appreciate your concern!!


Well wasn't this the reason she had all the cosmetic procedures be in the media??? She is determined to be on camera, I just hope she keeps her kids (yeah, I know they are the only reason she has attention) out of the public eye from now on. Let her go and entertain her perverted audience.


Seriously, Leo? How about you "po-folks" pick up your pants, work, and save your money? Better yet, how about not having 12 embryos implanted in your uterus that you can't afford financially, mentally, emotionally or even physically care for? STOP looking for a hand-out, folks. Ain't gonna get one in this economy!


Octomom on Oprah!! Last week the Octomom was on Oprah and guest guru Suze Orman had all the advice that Octomom needed to hear. "You need to start making some money". "You need to start considering some of these offers you are getting". "You need to fix this". Soooo.... 1 week later,here we are. Nadya Suleman is now going the exact route that she previously claimed that she wanted no part of. Leave it to us po-folks to listen to the advice of Multi-Millionairess Suze Orman, who tell us what to do, and what we don't need, and then walk back into her crystal chandelier,luxurious lifestyle!!


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