Classic Jersey Shore Clips: Grenade Horn Bails Out Situation; Ronnie Punched By Psycho Girlfriend

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Try as we might, our Jersey Shore recap cannot do justice to the greatness that is the Grenade Whistle, a device which must be seen to be fully appreciated.

A cross between those World Cup vuvuzelas and the noise preceding the Smoke Monster from Lost, the Grenade Whistle is kind of a misnomer. It's a horn.

One loud enough to alert The Situation and Pauly D that they may be in potential danger, as seen in the clip below. Sitch really owes Vinny one after this:

Follow the jump for another classic scene from last night's episode, "Drunk Punch Love." The short version? Ronnie gets punched by his drunk girlfriend ...

Painful as Ronnie Magro and Sammi Giancola, there were some real barbs traded this week at least. Ron produced some all-time Jersey Shore quotes.

No word on when they plan on making up again, only to get into such a huge fight that fists start flying. We give it a good few hours, a day maybe.


MTV certainly allows more violence on this show than any other show! i guess because they're all hot-headed, drunk, (non)Italians...It's normal for them to scream & punch each other without filing charges?


Is it right for Sammi to b allowed to punch Ronnie? if it was the other way around, charges would have been pressed! didnt the girl on Teen Mom get time for punching her man? wth???? its not right either way!


You seem to be confused. There is a big difference between making fun of or bullying gays, or fat and ugly people, and making fun of dumb slutty girls. These girls have a choice. They choose to go to the jersey shore house with these guys and be ho bags on television. The Jersey Shore guys are slutty and horny and never claimed to be any different. Why are you surprised or upset by this in the name of fat people? It doesn't make sense. These girls are grenades because they're not hot. That could be their body or their face. Putting yourself out there as a slut opens one up to these types of evaluations. Gays do not choose to be gay. Hate crimes are never okay. A gay person can also be a grenade if they are hoeing around and not hot. Do you get it now?


My spider sense is telling me survivor may be a grenade...


survivor- I notice a theme running in all the comments you post. Perhaps a frivelous celebrity gossip wesite isn't the best place for your soapbox.
They don't say the words "fat" nor "ugly"-reality is they say the word "grenade." Every individual is entitled to have a personality. the word "grenade" is comical, the word "fag" is NOT.
And how dare you compare being gay to being overweight!!! Being gay is great, it's only negative in the eyes of the IGNORANT! Being overweight is a negative unhealthy lifestyle choice, and reduces quality of life.


Wow you really thought that one guessin you yourself are over weight.fat people are made fun of every day by ALOT of people,not just jersey they called a fat girl a gernade.its not a big deal.yeah its mean and rude but people are made fun of everyday and will never words are made up every day.the overweight people -FOR THE MOST PART,i know some cant- can help there problem and when i was young and chubby when ppl made fun of me it made me wanna loose weight and i did.EXERCISE