Chris Medina: An American Idol Sob Story

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With American Idol kicking off a new season this week, we've already met Jackie Wilson, a rumored top 40 contestant.

Now, we've been introduced to Chris Medina, another aspiring singer with one of the saddest stories in show history.

The judges met this 27-year old during auditions in Milwaukee. He was accompanied there by his fiancee, Juliana Ramos. As viewers will discover, Medina proposed to Ramos two years ago, only for her to be involved in a major car accident in October 2009. The tragedy left her with brain damage, nearly paralyzed.

This video was shot approximately one year into Juliana's recovery.

Sources tell TMZ that Steven Tyler was especially moved by this story. Who could not be? The same insiders say Medina advances to at least the final 40 on season 10. A website has been set up to help pay for her medical bills.

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This is a sob story all right. These people are begging for money and have collected $30,000 already. Meanwhile I eat tuna 4 times per week. I'm 57 and deserve better so if you want to donate to a great cause come to my website. I take PayPal. freedomissacred at You Tube or see my web page and blog telling you what is really important and it's not this TV show.


Chris, I'm one of ur fans from Jakarta, Indonesia. Your life story with Juliana is truly an inspiration to all of us. I dropped my tears and hugged my wife right away right after watching ur story in the American Idol. Please keep being a rose to Juliana, a rose that always brings smile and happiness to her. That is what we call true love. It is an unconditional love that you have shown to us. Thank you for reminding us to this 'unconditional love' that we all are supposed to have. Keep the faith and be a miracle for your life as life itself is a miracle. God bless you, Juliana and both of your family. Let your beautiful voice be heard and enjoyed by all beings!!!


hi chris,
my name is Liav Shlezinger and i've been watching american idol from here in Israel and got amazed by you and juliana.
I think you are the strongest man that i've ever seen.
You are trully an inspiration for me and I know you get to the final.
Keep the faith, for all of us.
Good luck


chris, you such a great singing. you sing from the heart and its real. you have my vote i promise:) i wish you and julliana the best. God bless and good luck. I think your story made everyone cry. we love you


Chris, You can SING! You're clearly a wonderful man, and good luck to you and Juliana in life. But also keep in mind, if you win, which you certainly can, it's b/c YOU CAN SING!!! Hearts are with you both. :)


Chris you are a wonderful man. I guess there are some gentlemen still out there. Your story is heart warming. I wish there were more men out there like you. You are truly a gift from God. Keep up the good work! From my family to yours. Good luck! God bless!


That was beautiful! This story really touched my heart I could not hold back my tears!! I am such a fan of CHRIS!! I am cheering for you here in Texas!!! We need more people like you! Steven Tyler was great too what a graet season this will be!!


The story of Juliana and Chris was touching and I got choked up. But what really made me break down and sob was when the judges asked to meet her. And then when Steven Tyler hugged her and spoke to her about Chris' singing to her! You know, the judges fool around to help them deal with the day to day stuff on the show and it's all fun. But when it came down to showing heart and true soul, Steven, you were amazing!
And let me tell you, American Idol picked the right judge in having you on the show this year! You've brought my interest back 200% and that of everyone I speak to. Thank you to Steven Tyler for giving of yourself for your fans and all the new fans you will gain through doing American Idol.


You had my husband and me in tears last night watching your story. You are hands down, my favorite. We are rooting for you! I wish the world had more people like you in it. It would be a much better place. God bless you and your fiance.
Love The Script song you sang!! Love,
Your Fans in Maryland


God bless you, what a heartbreaking story, it puts everything into perspective and all those small insignificant thing we complain about, real life is about love and compassion, my thoughts and love are with you and your beautiful fiance. x

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