Chris Medina: An American Idol Sob Story

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With American Idol kicking off a new season this week, we've already met Jackie Wilson, a rumored top 40 contestant.

Now, we've been introduced to Chris Medina, another aspiring singer with one of the saddest stories in show history.

The judges met this 27-year old during auditions in Milwaukee. He was accompanied there by his fiancee, Juliana Ramos. As viewers will discover, Medina proposed to Ramos two years ago, only for her to be involved in a major car accident in October 2009. The tragedy left her with brain damage, nearly paralyzed.

This video was shot approximately one year into Juliana's recovery.

Sources tell TMZ that Steven Tyler was especially moved by this story. Who could not be? The same insiders say Medina advances to at least the final 40 on season 10. A website has been set up to help pay for her medical bills.

Avatar have the best heart,keep on praying,we will help you in our prayers.. God will do miracle.. Be strong..


Nice song@


I SALUTE U Chris your such a darling.when i read about your story,i really cried and prayed for you and Juliana.i believe God will do a miracle for you one day.your such a gentle i wish all men can be like you.


Its amazing how much you support her chris.Stay strong!


really inspired by your song-what are words... love it!! !!!


hey...what you are doing for ur really something everyone should learn from n take inspiration from.. all the best to u guys.. god bless.


Hey Denis Matteau - if your eating tuna 4x a week - get a job as you must be useless, or how about you sell your computer so the rest of us don't have to read your shit and then you can move up to macaroni & cheese for six months!


hey chris :) i just want you to know that i think your that your the most awesome guy in this world. i wish you and your lovely fiancée, Julian, the best. P.S
i love your song


Chris Dude,We don't know how to put in words but than we are really mesmerized by ur hard work, love everything of yours..U are born to live for her and surely this will bring every success in your life.
We the fans (Ajay,Tim,Budham,Shera,Zia, Samy and Jigwave) are alys with U.... With Love
Fans from Bhutan


hi, chris,
as a man, i salute you that take juliana as your forever spouse. as a fan, i like your wonderful voice but as a person i not agree about your decision to quit singing..keep practice,bro... kris of Indonesia

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