Chet Haze on Rap Career: I'm My Own Person

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Give Chet Haze credit. The 21-year old college student is trying to break into show business on his own, distancing himself from a father who has won two Academy Awards and is generally considered one of the greatest actors in history.

Indeed, the Northwestern theater major's real name is Chet Hanks. He's the son of Tom Hanks.

Chet has garnered buzz this week for the release of "White and Purple," an ode to partying that's a remix of Khalifa's "Black and Yellow." Listen to the single now:

Despite lyrics that include "White kicks/Purple kush/This is college/Hittin' blunts after hittin' books," the sophomore says: "I don't think it's something that should cause anybody to be angry or offend anyone."

And as for this famous father? Chet says he's proud of his last name, but "I'm not my dad. I am my own person."


Ohp I forgot to say plus 10 points for his cuteness... So total number of points: -88 =P


I think he wants to be the next Eminem... Uhh I think minus 100 points, no? But i give him plus 2 points for trying... Total number of points: -98...


What a loser, definatley doesnt take after Tom. Who? raps college tunes, what world is Chet in? Hip Hop & Rap comes from the street, stories of people who have lived through Hell not the lifestyle of rich and famous.


Dear Chet, You are not black and you are definitely not from the streets. Please take your microphone, throw it out the window and stick to what you are studying in college. PS - Hip Hop is from the streets not the private school playground. If you weren't born poor and haven't had a rough upbringing I don't want to hear you rap.