Charlie Sheen: Out of the Hospital, Planning to Work

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What, did you expect Charlie Sheen to check into rehab? Clearly, you don't know this man very well (be grateful).

Multiple sources confirm that the actor has left Cedars-Sinai Medical Center following his latest bender, is resting at home and will be on the set of Two and a Half Men Tuesday.

All in all, just your basic midweek gathering for the star.

Why won't Sheen consider rehab? Simple, a friend tells People:

"In his eyes, he thinks, 'I'm having fun, so what? I'm making $2 million a week, the show has the best ratings, I show up for up work. What's the problem?' He loves the attention, he loves to shock people, he loves that he gets away with all of this."

There is no morality clause in Sheen's CBS contract, so there's little the network can do when incidents such as this occur.

Moreover, what would be its incentive behind taking action? Two and a Half Men remains the highest-rated comedy on television, raking in over $200,000 per 30-second commercial. That money is fueled by Sheen, who is beloved and punctual on set, and helps support a crew of over 300 people.

The aforementioned magazine insider refers to Charlie's "ongoing problem" and says "people are rallying around him to intervene," but they'd have to be higher than Sheen to think it would do any good.


Why dont ppl understand that when ur an addict the 0NLY one who can help them is THEMSELF. First step in recovery is to admit u have a problem. He hasnt done that yet. Maybe never will. He clearly believes hes just having a good time and since he has alot of ppl around making excuses for him and letting him get by with Domestic Violence hes going to continue this RECKLESS BEHAVIOR. If I were Denise or Brooke i would be taking his crackhead ass back to family court and MAJORLY LIMIT his unsupervised contact with the children. He is a toxic man right now. What good is he 4 his kids? My gosh this man acts worse at his age than the Jersey Shore cast. Personally Ive always loved his father Martin Sheen. But Charlie not so much. My heart bleeds for his family and children. To have an addict for a son has got 2 be hard and painful. Especially when the whole damn country knows whats going on. He is an embarassment to his family at this point. Get a grip on ur life Charlie b4 you end up DEAD


"He loves that he gets away with all of this" He is not getting away with anything. I just feel badly for anyone who depends on him in any way.


Susanne, you're right on target! As for you Nick, you sound like a "Sheen-wannabe". Good luck with that.


Why people would be 'rallying around him to intervene' is beyond me. He's a grown man and is choosing do be a destructive idiot. The best thing for him would be for people to leave him to his own destruction. Then maybe he'll wake up. As long as he's adored and gets by with his antics, where's the motivation to stop. He is a lousy father and a disgusting male who feels he is entitled to behave badly and remain on top. He has children who need him and all he can think about is his own sick, perverted and selfish needs.


Well Im not crazy & no one is taking my money & no one is taking Charlie Sheen's money. Let me be real clear on something: Im sane-- never been to a shrink in my life- have 2 degrees in Criminal Justice & Im taking the money & that is the end of this discussion. I hope Charlie Sheen sobers up & realizes that he has to stop having fun & start living like a parent- he has children who rely on him. @ Nick- Tabitha is going to be arrested & sentenced for her crimes with my relatives & the others- end of discussion- you don't like my hate you can leave- I am entitled to hate just as Saddam Hussein's victims hated him. You don't like the fact they are going to be arrested & sentenced you can join them.


As a fan of Sheen's I hope he sobers up. He has fans & family who want him to be here years from now & he should sober up. I hope he is alright & recovered from the drama. I love you Charlie Sheen.


i think they need to take his money like they did to britney and send him to rehba because he will try to hurt hisself its like 3 years agao when britney went crazy


If they're smart, they'll find a way to do an intervention or all those 300 jobs will indeed be at risk. It's eerie that Sheen's antics mirror his character's usual junk. In any case, there are a lot of lives and livelihoods riding on this guy's very fragile ability to show up. Crash and burn...and soon, I'm afraid.


Take your hate elsewhere Susanne


Booo to You Charlie, You used to be one of my favorites. Now you are on my lists of what not to be when you become stupid! Unbelievable.
And oh, FYI NOBODY IS SHOCKED anymore by your stupidity. We are used to it and embarrassed for you. You have little toddlers who have lost a daddy who could have been a really good daddy to them. Good Grief Charlie the Clown you are a true Idiot!

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