Charlie Sheen Insists: I'm Fine!!!

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Following his latest evening of porn star banging, cocaine smoking and hospital visiting, Charlie Sheen checked himself into rehab yesterday.

Problem on the verge of being solved, right. More like: Yeah, right.

Very soon after the actor entered an undisclosed treatment center, he sent a text message to Radar Online editor-in-chief Dylan Howard. It didn't exactly read like a man who has moved past the denial stage.

Charlie Sheen wrote one porn star a $30,000 check this week. It's a small price to pay for crack-smoking company.

"People don't seem to get it," Sheen wrote. "Guy can't have a great time and do his job also?"

As for critics, which include his concerned boss at CBS and 95% of the population, listen up: You're just a "bunch of turds," Charlie added.

The Two and a Half Men star might take issue with the following question even being asked (get clean from what?!?), but you tell us: Can Charlie Sheen get clean?



A reputable chemical dependency treatment center (rehab) wouldn't allow him to have a cell phone during his initial stay. He's already off to a bad start.


He is eeeeewwwww gross! and a symbol of extreme sexism when you compare his treatment in hollywood to Lindsay Lohan's who was nowhere as out of control as this dude. He's even got domestic violence on his rap sheet. highest paid tv actor. he has always made me feel ill at the slightest mention of his name. they can put his comment on his gravestone if he doesn't wake up like, yesterday...


i would do him for $30 000...if you covered me in 3 whole body condoms


God bless him! He is so far removed from reality. But really its his funeral. He is grown. He ought to have some consideration for his children though.


turds? really?... the rest of your behavior seems very uh.... "mature" so why not use a normal word.


You're fine my ass


I love you charlie


Charlie I don't really like you show but I do wish that you could get better! Get clean man I meanyou have a beutiful wife and you can't afford to loose her! Your not going to get anyone else!!! Plus your risking your career! Your going to loose your acting career and then because of that whoes going to higher you! Or did you not think of that either?! I am so dissapointed in you I expected so much more from you~!!!! ~Carly


love his show i hope he gets better my grandma said that they need to take his money away just like they did with britney so he can get better it was 3 years ago that britney went crazy why do celebs can't handle the fame


Charlie best of luck! I think that you can get clean but YOU alone have to do it. Of course everyone is supporting you but you are the one who has to make the choice and commit yourself to it. You have already taken a huge 1st step. Keeping fighting and I know you will feel better than you ever have!!

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