Charlie Sheen Bombshell: Possible Michelle McGee Banging!

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Given his history of drug use and shady sex, it would take a serious bombshell to surprise us when it comes to Charlie Sheen news.

Enter Michelle McGee!

The Mistress of the Year finalist was reportedly included in the entourage of loose women that spent a drunken 24 hours with the actor in Las Vegas this weekend, as TMZ reports she and Sheen's number-one porn star, Bree Olson, made out during Pauly Shore's comedy show at The Palms on Sunday.

Outside Court

Charlie Sheen may have been caught between Michelle McGee and Bree Olson this week. Literally!

McGee then showed up at Sheen's penthouse that night, arriving around 2 a.m. to a scene that included a lot of alcohol and naked bodies. It was a "trainwreck inside," sources say.

Still, Michelle hung out for a couple hours. No word if Sheen did the same... if you know what we disgustingly mean!

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Yes Sweet D you are right about Charlie't types. But Carpi wasn't a blond but beggers can't be choosers can they?


I think he like many other guys like the "dirty/naughty" girl types but felt compelled to marry and have some kids but still creep around for the true girls that they want. Like Usher said in his recent song, "A lady on the streets and a freak in the bed." They just never found that, so sad :(


Bombshell doesn't look like the type that gives Charlie a hard-on. She's ugly & severe, & Charlie likes bouncy-haired busty Playboy bunnies :)


This guy is obviously twisted for some unclear reason. I'm also amazed that Two and a Half Men does so well in the ratings. JC makes this show... not One Trick Pony Sheen. Oh well... just IMO. I do, however, feel sorry for the Housekeeping Staff who have to clean-up after him. Just think about it...


you go charlie!!!