Celebrity Hair Affair: Robert Pattinson Goes Red

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Robert Pattinson presented the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film last night. But it wasn't Denmark's In a Better World that had people buzzing after the Twilight Saga star left the stage.

Robert showed up to the event with ginger hair, a result, he said, of having to "keep switching" up his look between filming Water for Elephants and Breaking Dawn.

"I thought it was a nice change," the actor said at the ceremony. Do you agree? Compare the new with the old and cast your vote now on which color is the most handsome.

Which Hairstyle Looks Best?

Robert Pattinson showed off a ginger hue to his hair at the Golden Globe Awards. What do you think of this look? View Poll »

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Dude, the carpet should match the drapes...just saying. LOL! Who really gives a crap what colot hair he has.


Ugliest dude ever. I don't understand the fascination with his looks. His eyes look Asian and his face and nose is flat like he walked into a wall. Not manly at all.


Robert is perfect the way he is but OMG if he were a redhead!!! Wonderful!!!!

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