Celebrity Hair Affair: Adam Lambert Goes Long

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Never one to fear a change in style, Adam Lambert has debuted a new haircut.

The singer paid a visit to the 2011 DPA Golden Globes Gift Suite at Beverly Hills' L'Ermitage Hotel yesterday, posing with a few items and a few fans and showing off nearly shoulder-length locks.

Adam will be on hand at Sunday night's award ceremony and we'll likely post more photos of him from that event. But compare the new 'do with the old below and cast your vote:

Which Hairstyle Looks Best?

Adam Lambert had let is all hang out. What do you think of the singer's new look? View Poll »

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I am not voting because I can't decide- he looks amazing either way :D


Long, short, up, down, sideways - Love all sides of Adam Lambert. Don't fight it, just sit back and enjoy the view!!


He looks like a lesbo either way


i miss his old hairstyle, its good to change but he look hotter and cuter before


I like to see change, so its all good. Long, short, spiky, shaved who cares, but when he sings now that turns my world upside down...hair can be changed, but that incredible voice is here forever...new CD please...


Who cares? The man is GORGEOUS any way you slice it. But gorgeous hair is the least of his gifts. Go Adam!! I'll be watching.


I love any hair that he wants to have!


Long Hair or short Hair...Adam always looks great


Adam looks awesome all the time. Long or short, don't matter to me. He keeps changing things all the time anyways.


Long hair, short hair, bald, I'll take him anyway i can get him

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