Celebrity Hair Affair: Adam Lambert Goes Long

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Never one to fear a change in style, Adam Lambert has debuted a new haircut.

The singer paid a visit to the 2011 DPA Golden Globes Gift Suite at Beverly Hills' L'Ermitage Hotel yesterday, posing with a few items and a few fans and showing off nearly shoulder-length locks.

Adam will be on hand at Sunday night's award ceremony and we'll likely post more photos of him from that event. But compare the new 'do with the old below and cast your vote:

Which Hairstyle Looks Best?

Adam Lambert had let is all hang out. What do you think of the singer's new look? View Poll »

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both styles are so fluffy :3


You known Adam Lambert will be Sooooooooooooooooo perfect for a teenage Liberace, biopic, I'm SERIOUS AS A HEART ATTACK !!!!!!!! YYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!


I love Adam new Hair Due is very handsome I love it


Love his hair both ways....He is the natural change artist on his hair...Long as he don't shave it, beautiful head of hair....I think the shaved look is so ugly.....on any guy.....


I like Adam Lambert. He's talented and original and- though my being a girl means he wouldn't be interested in me- I find him quite sexy.


He looked better with the long hair when he had his mustache. Sure, he looked a bit too much like Johnny Depp, but since when is that a BAD thing?


Who cares? Just win the Grammy!!!


I love Adam's hair long. I will not get too use to it because he will change it soon. Love him and he looks hot in short and long hair.


I don't know!! I'm so confused lol!! I always loved longer hair on a guy if they had thick hair like Adam and about shoulder length. Long hair looks horrible if they have thinning hair or are too old for it. I like them both. I wasn't a fan of the real short hair like when he shaved half his head. If you have thick hair-especially on a guy- flaunt it


However he wants to wear it ..just win the Grammy!!!!!!!!!!!