Camille Grammer Says No to Remarriage, Men Around the World Rejoice

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Camille Grammer appeared on Lopez Tonight yesterday and, in truly shocking fashion, discussed her failed marriage in front of millions.

Asked if she regretted implying that ex-husband Kelsey Grammer was a cross-dresser, Camille played the exchange with Howard Stern off as a joke. She said:

"I just regret that people don't take it as a joke. They take it so seriously. We were just being funny and having a good time."

Because, hey, if there's one thing Camille Grammer is known for, it's her sense of humor.

Grammer than made everyone man on the planet happy when she said she wasn't dating and also wasn't looking to ever settle down again:  "I don't want to get married," she stated.

We'll see if she sings that same tune once she blows through her enormous divorce settlement.


I’m so eexctid to see all your decorating tips, shopping excursions and I wont have to bug you for all your yummy recipes. You amaze me and I am proud of you and proud to say your my friend. Much love and admiration.Renay


Kelsey Grammer is a scumbag. He tells his wife by phone that he wants a divorce. Classy. Way to think of your children. God help the poor kids. What kind of person is he marrying??? She knew he was married and had children and acts like none of this matters. Karma, dear girl will pay you back. I hope the public stops going to any play or stops watching any tv program in which he stars. I do believe that the reality show may have shown Camille to be much worse than she is in real life. Otherwise, I don't think they would have been married that long.


Hey fellas! Don't bother with "Camomile" (or whatever her name is): Get yerself a nice transgendered girl!!!


I don't think you're paying attention. "Keep talking Kelsey"? Really??? Kelsey???


BTW course Camille says "NO". At least she knows that she is still married and not making a fool of herself like her husband is doing. For God's sake he got this bimbo pregnant, got engaged to her and now says he will marry her in February! Not bad for someone who is still married? INSANE and IGNORANT I think!Keep talking Kelsey, some judge is listening and watching. BTW, Camille filed for divorce 5 months ago IN CALIFORNIA where they both hold residence, and it will all be played out by her schedule....THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Kelsey you should have thought prenup 14 years ago and you should have thought divorce filing before you allowed your penis to rule your world.


Sure! Men of this world do not stand a chance. She is classy and knows what she will do with her future ....and it is not getting married to any of you losers. She will find someone of class and stature who will treat her like she should be treated.
BTW DanHell are just as ugly as the real Danielle on Jersey Housewives! So, shut your mouth!


Best headline ever: Camille Grammar says no to remarriage, men around the world rejoice.
Damn funny, THG!


Camille needs help for her narcissism. She and her PR team are working overtime to undo the damage she did on this show. She is a tool - 4 nannies, a house manager, a surrogate. The only thing this woman does on her own, is flirt with other men.