Camille Grammer: Leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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Camille Grammer may need every penny of that $50 million divorce settlement. The controversial reality star is reportedly out of a job.

The Hollywood Reporter simply states that Grammer won't return for season two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Pandora and Lisa Vanderpump

Will Camille Grammer take the ratings for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with her?

Few details have been released, but sources say Camille is displeased with the way she's been portrayed on the show, while friends claim she only ever did it because her ex-husband pushed the idea on her.

Aside from her VERY public split from Kelsey Grammer, Camile has come under for her general behavior on the show.

She has four nannies for two children; sees a real-life medium named Allison Dubois; and feuds openly with co-star Kyle Richards. Of course, as Danielle Staub proved, scandals sell.

We set the odds of Camille landing a spin-off at 1:100.

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I've never seen a better example of the word Narcissist in my entire life. Camille is soon to find out that this world doesn't revolve around her. All of these so called "friends" of hers who sit around feeding her ego will be gone as fast as they came. By the time this divorce is over, the line will be drawn and their friends will have to decide which side they are on. I bet little Miss Allison has already thrown Camille under the bus.


Camille is defiantly one self absorbed delusional woman . I can’t stand her myself. But yet, I would hate to see her leave. No one can write the stuff that comes out of her mouth. It’s a sheer delight watching this train wreck!! She’s what makes for great entertainment. The one housewife (whom by the way is not even a housewife)that should leave is Kim.Watching peel potatoes is more exciting. What is her deal? She looks space-out,ditsy and unstable.(Can drinking or drugs be the problem?). What a B-O_R-E!!!


She just is not nice...she states she takes the high road BS
Now ask her friend on Medium who stated your husband will have no interested in you when the children get older...and she needs her girlfriends she got her lines cross on that one ...thats what happens when you are ugly


glad she is leaving...after all, since she has '30% more work and pressure on her" than the other Housewives, I'm sure she needs the extra time. Bless her heart, it must be awufl having to oversee those nannies and house managers. Give me a break! The woman is a conniving, manipultative, self centered kook!


If Camille was going for the biotch female in the group, she freaking nailed it.
What took Kelsey so long to dump that loser.
Kim needs a partner. She's is so insecure, like treading water with no land in sight.
And poor Taylor, seriously. Tied to that ice cube Russell.
I have rocks in my garden with more personality. Wake up slick. Your wife needs a little acknowledgement that she has a life.
Or maybe he is just uncomfortable around all that schtik, cameras, etc.
And is that dog velcroed to Lisa's husbands arm. My gosh folks, get a dog sitter. He uses it like a crutch. Is he insecure too?


As annoying as she is, you have to admit that Camille's horriblle behavior made the show. It'll be interesting to see next week's episode when Kelsey Grammer's shizzz hits the fan.


I am so happy to hear she is leaving.. and she needs to get real! Bravo has nothing with the way she's been portrayed on the show - SHE HAS! Kissing married guys on the lips, saying how she hangs out with hot guys while her husband is gone. The fight with Kyle and taking business from Kyle's husband then rubbing him all over at the party? what the heck is her problem!
Did she really have to rub and tell everyone about her friend thatshe helped financially? have she ever been to church? you dont tell people about your good deeds!


Well Camille appears to have some reality issues. I don't believe that Kyle verbally attacked her or said anything implying she is worthless without Kelsey. I think Camille is worried about being a nobody without Kelsey as her husband. She had the perfect opportunity to have 4 good friends and a reality star career has she not been so bizarre. One thing in her favor though is that I do believe she is entitled to 1/2 of the earnings Kelsey made while they were married but I don't think she should be entitled to his pension. Wouldn't 50 million be enough for a lifetime for most people?


Camille is one hot mess. "Verbally assaulting me" is the only great acting she can put out there.
As far as her phsco physic anyone that claims to know all the intimate details of everyone's marriage, how come she didn't know about Ke;lsey (her BFF husband) having his affair and even engagement before he was divorced???
Another thing I find wiesr is her smiking that make believe cigarette and then go into specific details about putting in Kyle's behind. What is up with that. Possible dyke mentality, or is it just her being an unbelievable FAKE!!! (with an anus fetish)
My vote is get that woman who thinks she is soo much more than she really is, OFF the show, the rating will soar!!!


I think Camille is getting the short end of the stick! She is not perfect however if you watched the begining Kyle was always talking about her as well as Lisa. I dont see anyone remembering this!They talked about her nannies and Kyle rolled her eyes! She really never attacked Kyle...If you watched it ..they seemed to pick on her more.....Just sayin blame goes both ways.....