Camille Grammer: Leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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Camille Grammer may need every penny of that $50 million divorce settlement. The controversial reality star is reportedly out of a job.

The Hollywood Reporter simply states that Grammer won't return for season two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Pandora and Lisa Vanderpump

Will Camille Grammer take the ratings for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with her?

Few details have been released, but sources say Camille is displeased with the way she's been portrayed on the show, while friends claim she only ever did it because her ex-husband pushed the idea on her.

Aside from her VERY public split from Kelsey Grammer, Camile has come under for her general behavior on the show.

She has four nannies for two children; sees a real-life medium named Allison Dubois; and feuds openly with co-star Kyle Richards. Of course, as Danielle Staub proved, scandals sell.

We set the odds of Camille landing a spin-off at 1:100.

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I just saw that she is 42? really, that blew me away! Cammile looks a hell of alot older than 42, makes you wonder why she had so much work done, she used to be attractive, its unfortunate that she jumped the gun on the plastic surgery, I think she would have looked much younger if she held off. 42....I feel bad for her. NOT!


WOW !!!What an eyeopener.Camille is a piece of work,and while I feel bad about the divorce u cant help wondering if she wasnt so self absorbed if this might not have happened.My other great disapointment was Camilles friend Allison Dubois.Wow what trailer trash!!!I was a great fan of the show Medium,however after seeing that low rent display by MS.Dubois i will no lomger be able to watch the show without flashing back to those vulgar hand and finger gestures displayed at the dinner party.Shame on you,money cant buy u class ,ask the countess!!!!


I don't think Camille can look forward to any of her fellow castmates setting her up to doubledate! She's proved to be the most self-centered housewive ever. And someone SHOULD have said that no one would be interested in her without Kelsey. Looking forward, the only men that will be interested in her, will be like her- interested only in money, just like she was with Kelsey. Her children already look happy with Kelsey's new woman, Kayte. I bet in a few short days, she's spent more time with them than Camille in the last year, since 4 nannie's take care of them. Kelsey would be smart to ask for primary custody.


I love keeping up with E and those shows and love keeping up with what the stars are doing. I must say that Camile Grammer is one of the most snobby, plastic women I've seen. She is very self-centered and thinks she is much more beautiful than she is. She is obviously very spoiled and shows it. The show would be just fine without her. I frankly dread when she's on because I know she's going to think "someone" is going to be jealous of her. I don't think what Kelsey did when he showed the kids with his new gal was the right thing to do, but I can certainly see whey he left Camile. Very uptight and insecure women.


What a fab show! It's nice to see how those who "have made it" live their lives. I love Adrienne, and her husband is a perfect fit. He's funny, talented and witty. She's a strong personality that needs someone to stand up to her or she wouldn't respect him. My heart goes out to Taylor, because mark my wordsd, THAT MAN OF YOUR IS GAY, AND THAT MARRIAGE IS A COVERUP. Anytime there's Romance or mingling, HE'S OUTTA THERE!! iT'S PAINFUL TO WATCH. Even in Vegas, he split. Theres nothing in his eyes when he looks at his wife, which is a HUGE CLUE. Hello, i cant be the only ione who sees this......????


poor camille..she said that kyle is so jealous of her.." i hate to say these words,but its jealousy!".. but she is the one who is so jealous of kyle! she got everything but not a happy marrried life. for me allison is a big loser. what she said to kyle is really happening to camille. her power sucks.


Wonder why Allison didn't see that coming with Camille and Kelsey. UMMMMMM, quess her powers were on pause, she was seeing so much of Kyle's lfe. LOL, good riddens for Camille and her crew. Go Kyle.


I thought Camille was a phony, but I also noticed the way Kyle checked her out. Especially in Vegas while kissing her husband, her eyes were still glued to Camille. I think Kyle is a bit jealous!! Be real!! I think the show needs Camille.


They are ALL jealous of Camille! I don't see any of the couples really being in love with each other. It's reality television, in other words, fake. As far as ladies none of these women are ladies or they wouldn't be on the show. Get real!


I for one think that Camille leaving the program will be sad. Every housewife program needs a wife that one can hate. It makes the program leaving one to see the next chapter in suspense.But I realize that Camille is an evil,hating,manipulating,fiend. I guess her psychic pal got her wires mixed up and was reading Camille's coming life instead of kyles. Remember the scene when Camille went backstage to Kelsey's room and he almost through her out of the room,I bet he had his new love hidden in the closet.