Camille Grammer: I Was Set Up!

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Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills must wait until January 27 to hear Camille Grammer whine, bitch and moan about getting paid six figures to follow a script penned by Bravo writers.

But we've seen a clip of this show's reunion special and can pass along some nuggets from one of the world's most hated reality stars.

Kyle and Kim Richards

"The whole season was set up to make me look bad," Camille tells host Andy Cohen, turning to address Kyle Richards: "You bully me all the time and I'm fed up."

Shoots back the aunt of Paris Hilton: "Quit using the buzzword of the moment."

Wow. Don't miss this special, readers. Unless you have something better to do. Really, absolutely anything would qualify as such.

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I'm with Rita C. Camille is awesome and seems to me to be the most down to earth of any of the housewives on the episodes I have seen. Those others, especially Kyle and the big lipped Kermit The Frog sounding chick, are disgusting and oppitomize how fake that whole Hollywood/Beverly Hills life is. Yall have fun and stay in Beverly Hills with all of your fake friends. Stay out of Texas, we don't want you.


please go away Camille...take your 50 million plus 4 nannies & go live your life. There are so many parents that can't feed their kids & you are complaining. No one forced you to say those lines, stop blaming editing. I know they edit & can only portray 1 side of a person to make them the villian or bitch, but no one made you say those words or kiss Nick on the mouth.


There seems to be a trend in the media, be a jerk and than cry victim. It is insulting to the intellect of our society. Isn't there better programing than this garbage?


I know the shows are somewhat scripted therefore while are you whining Camille? You accepted the role of obnoxious, arrogant, useless housewife. I'm not a huge Kyle fan either but you antagonize her, then cry when she puts you in your place.


Camille you rock. Your hot. You are a class act. Thank you for making the show exciting. Sorry you are catching so much unjustified negativety. The viewers that that diss you don't accept how unreal reality tv is. Stay cool. We love you.


Camille, boo hoo hoo! Nobody feels sorry for the stupid b!tch. She's her own worst enemy. She also totally punked out when it came to writing her RHOBHs Bravo blog. Looks like she hates all the Bravo fans!


Nobody could have put those words in her mouth. She is the absolute WORST kind of person and has been on damage control for weeks. She is reprehensible in every way. Good riddence.

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