Camille Grammer and Kelsey Grammer: No Sex for Two Years!

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Camille Grammer has made a name for herself, and will soon make a sizable chunk of cash for herself, by whining to everyone with a microphone that Kelsey Grammer cheated on her with Kayte Walsh and she never saw it coming and.. blah... blah... blah.

But on The View this morning, Grammer admitted something about her marriage that should have alerted her to problems long before Kesley sought comfort in another woman's bed:

The couple had not had sex in two years!

Such a revelation does not forgive Kelsey - cheating is cheating, kids; just file for divorce before breaking your vows - but it does paint the picture of a relationship on the (boring, unloving) rocks.

Pressed by Barbara Walters about the state of their sex life, Camille simply said: “We tried, but something just didn’t click with us on an intimate level.”

Perhaps because the pair couldn't decide which half should act as the woman? These two really need to shut up and go away.


Danielle - Absolutely sntinung! The family is adorable and you caught some perfect moments! Ashiana is beautiful and the Chicago background is amazing! Great job AGAIN!


Camille is actually not all that attractive. Look closely and you can see what a dried out piece of gristle she is. Twisted beef jerky!
I think Kelsey moved on to someone nicer plus fresher. Kayte looks clean, wholesome. Contrast that with Camille's prolific lewd nude spread'ems/porn vids all over the internet. . . Maybe Kelsey just wanted a cleaner classier person to be with, so he chose Kayte Walsh. I think Kelsey outgrew Camille, and moved on to something better, healthier.


She really needs to zip it. Starved for attention. She needs to go home to her 4 nannies n nojob. Now she knows how the other person felt when she was the mistress years hoo cama karmas a witch. Lmao


Okay im sorry but is kelsey a man or a woman. I mean im confused.


Please as she stated there is more to marriage then the physical relationship. Anywho, who cares some long term couples have periods of cooling off. They may or may not later rekindle things. I loved her appearance on the view. Barbara tried unsuccessfully to rattle her, fortunately others were more objective. I hate it when tabloids focus on one snippet out of an entire interview.


Haha!!thats not as much!my mom was watching the news and this mexican singer or actor i forgot hadnt had sex for 40 yrs.....


When The Grammers finally divorce, Camille will never have a moment's worry of being financially taken care of. At this point I think that we have heard all from her that we need to hear. If she and her husband were no longer intimate, maybe the person that Camille is now made Kelsey realize that he was with the wrong woman. Camille gives herself no credit by enlightening the general public that her husband evidently no longer considered her to be attractive,and that could be one of the reasons that he moved on with his life without her in it.

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