Camille Grammer Alleges Cross-Dressing Fetish for Kelsey Grammer

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Camille Grammer has taken her feud with Kesley Grammer to an especially immature, hilarious level.

Appearing on The Howard Stern Show today, the reality star implied that her soon-to-be-ex-husband likes to wear women's clothing.

Speaking on Kesley's role in the Broadway play La Cage aux Folles, Camille said the father of her children enjoyed that gig for "another reason." Because he's gay? No, Grammer said.

Because he likes to dress up like a woman, Stern asked? "I'm not saying it," replied Camille, who may be exiting The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Listen to the exchange above.

The actor's rep says "Kelsey will continue not responding, regardless of content," but added: Kelsey is rubber and Camille is glue. Whatever she says bounces off my client and sticks to her.


so lisa is so iatmmure that she needs to go after anybody who knows cedric? like her life’s goal is to ostracize cedric? get over him, lisa.kyle, why do u need to hate on brandi? and taylor jumping in on the hate-fest, oh brother.


He likes to cross dress sometimes? THAT is what she revealed? Who cares!! That's extremely MILD on the scale of shock value...
Camille is a vacant, passion-less shell.


With risking exposure of having irrational thought processes... I can actually visualize Kelsey doing this. However, Camille has broken an unwritten rule of public disclosure of private topics between ex's. Can you just imagine all the endless stories one would read or hear about if others chose this tactic for attention. It would appear that Camille and Oksana may have attended the same School of Charm.

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