Britney Spears' New Single: Listen, React Now!

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"Hold It Against Me" is the new single from Britney Spears. Unlike the leaked demo from last week, this is the real version of the song, with Brit singing.

We're sort of let down. The lyrics, for one, are simply a play on a lame, ancient pick-up line - "If I said I liked your body, would you hold it against me?"

The beat is more or less forgettable too. She just sort of mouths inane lyrics over whatever "edgy" electro beats her producers lay out nowadays.

Doesn't seem like there's much about this that's distinctly Britney, but that's just one opinion. Take a listen yourself, vote below and comment away:

What do you think of Britney's "Hold It Against Me"?


Very well done,Britney.


For all of you dissing Britney and saying she isn't singing? Pleaaseee? I know she can sing way better than Lady Gaga! Lady Gaga is the one that talks when she sings and is monitone all the time! If you listen closely you can hear atleast 3 different pitch changes if not more in the song and britney nails it! You go girl! If you ask me none of you know anything about singing! She hits the notes without straining her voice! She may sound young but she has alway's had that distinctive tone, and if it were any other way it wouldn't be Britney! So you go girl! I love the song!!! Hope they play it out in the club's!!


I reckon britney is a gud singer and yous all to stop juding her of what she dose best in her life so go rite ahead britney u rock. Ur fan amanda


ewwwwwwwwwwwww me dio asco su nueva cancion aburreee!!!!!!!


it's not super singing but it is commercially viable.
bet it does well. nothing against Brit. i love her screen and stage shows. my view is that working with other artists
and producers with an 'edge' has broadened her outlook
and the product/songs she creates. a bit like HOT Mommy-rapping with a syntho beat.


You people have absolutely zero clue what true music and singing is. She is more or less speaking not singing. And synthesizers as music? Ms. Spears may have talent but it's untapped therefore it has never been seen. She is a complete corporate sellout. Pat pat pat on the head. It's ok children, one day when you grow up you too will realize how inane this garbage is. P.S. Feel free to look up the word inane as I'm sure you don't know the meaning.


britney rocks!!! is there an option called "its awesome like any other album of hers??" even shes isnt my generation i still luv her so much


Britney you really need to stop. Your music has made no can u have a 12 year music career and seven studio albums and still sound the same. I feel sorry for your fans they deserve more than this generic bullshit you wont be slaying anyone in 2011


The fact that anyone can call Britney a singer just blows me away. I am probably older than most here, but being a kid in the 1970's we had a lot of really talented female singers that sang songs clearly with a perfect pitch and it was their voice that was superb and nothing else to enhance it. Britney uses synthesizers, she sounds like a little girl in the beginning. When it actually sounds pretty good it's her with another person and THEIR voice is over powering hers. Just awful. But compared to today's pop music it fits right in so I can't blame people for not having something really good to compare her to.


I liek it !! cant wait!!

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