Brett Favre Accusers: Stiffed By the Jets

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Brett Favre's two masseuse accusers say they were nixed by the Jets in a bid to get their jobs back and that's why they're press their case against the QB.

Before they sued Favre for sexual harassment, they made a last ditch appeal to the team , but were both denied, according to an attorney for the women.

Christina Scavo and Shannon O'Toole sent a letter in November asking the Jets to rehire them. They claim the Jets stopped doing so after Favre's incident.

Will Brett Favre have a lawsuit dismissal to celebrate?

Scavo says her husband called and confronted Favre on the phone about lewd text messages he allegedly sent proposing a rendezvous with the women.

The two massage therapists and the Jets went back and forth, but ultimately the NFL franchise refused to put Scavo and O'Toole back on the payroll.

Only then did they decide to sue Favre and the team to recoup lost wages.

That'll be a legal stretch. Scavo and O'Toole were never officially "terminated" by the Jets, since they weren't Jets employees, but contracted workers.

We have no idea what these women look like, but to see the other woman Favre is accused of harassing, check out these Jenn Sterger pictures!


B-R-E-T! Brett! Brett! Brett! He's got a good established rnceivieg corp in Coles and Cotchery and with the edition of Marcus Henry out of KU (not UK-there is only one UK, thankin ya), I think he'll have a great-ish season with the J-E-T-S. As a Jets fan, I'm pretty excited about this lil' deal! Unfortunately, I would think Pennington is gone. That sucks but that's foozball. The Jets' website had Favre jerseys for sale 15 minutes after they announced that he was going to NY. I'm gonna sleep well tonight. RU?


I did see a picture of one of the women. Not attractive, but my own opinion and I am a woman, so maybe he found them pretty. It sounds like a bunch of baloney to me. 2 years later, they weren't fired, so they can't complain about that. Plus, why would they want to come back and work for the team anyway after what they say happened? I would really be interested to know what Favre said to the husband once confronted. Was he sorry, did he not know the girl was married, etc.? She supposedly got offended, the husband put an end to it, and that should be it.


leave him alone..NFL shldnt get into this..hes a man with money,let em be,maybe hes going thru a mid life crisis lol..he kinda reminds me of my dad,but my dad isnt a football player...leave the old man alone ppl......