Bree Olson or Capri Anderson: Who Would You Rather...

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Blame Charlie Sheen, parents.

We do our best to remain a family-friendly site, only for this trainwreck of an actor to go gallivanting with porn stars across the nation, from New York to Las Vegas. First, there was Capri Anderson.

Now, there's Bree Olson. The Penthouse Pet, who actually interviewed to be a nanny on Keeping Up with the Kardashians (still believe that show is unscripted?), partied with Sheen in Sin City over the weekend and hung out with him over the holidays last month.

But is she an improvement over Anderson? Watch both women in (relatively innocent) action below and then decide...

For which of these porn stars would you rather wear a condom?


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I think I know your secret. But yes Charlie Sheen did some more crazy stuff. He seems to have an unmelitid shelf life on committing reprehensible crimes and having CBS laugh at off. Oh good old Charlie just was found with a hooker. That's our charlie. Oh what a joker he held a knife to his wife's throat. Hilarious. []


Do you take a shower with a raincoat on? I wouldn't wear anything for either one, they can buy buy a dill if they don't like it.


is that seth rogen filming Capri?


Well, I'm partial to blondes, but not a fan of anal sex...umm, I pick the blonde!