Brandi Glanville on LeAnn Rimes Counseling: FAIL!

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Brandi Glanville says she went to counseling with her ex-husband's new fiancee, LeAnn Rimes. The former Mrs. Eddie Cibrian also says it did not go so well.

Before LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian got engaged, "I did try some counseling with her, but it did not go so well for one reason or another," Brandi said.

Eddie Cibrian, Brandi Glanville

"At times I feel like they are blaming me, although I don't really quite know why, but I understand it is a process and that our sons have to come first."

Eddie Cibrian with Brandi Glanville, left, and with LeAnn Rimes.

Brandi and Eddie have two sons and after eight years of marriage, the pair divorced after he met and had an affair with LeAnn on the set of Northern Lights.

"There is still a lot of animosity but hopefully, one day, we can move through that and get to a better place," Brandi Glanville said. "Divorce is very tough."

"Going through it in public makes it harder. Eddie and LeAnn wanted me to sign a confidentiality agreement but I refused, as I never did anything wrong."

"I have great friends and family. I have managed to draw strength from that, plus the fact that my boys always keep me busy," Brandi said of her boys.


Eddie is a MAGGOT!


Celebitchy write an article and they said Brandi has been TOO NICE. Stick it to them, Brandi! Leann wrecks your home then supports Eddie lavishly while you have to struggle. TAKE THEM TO COURT. Google Gloria Allred, her contact info is on her site!
Leann Rimes is SCUM of the earth. If she didnt have money she couldn''t turn a guys head. Truth.


Leann Rimes & Eddie are the BIGGEST pieces of sh** out there. Leann's a hoe & happily holds being a homewrecker of two households as her claim to fame. They are both pigs, they should go live on planet Speidi with Heidi and Spencer- celebs on their intellect and class level.


Branbi did nothing wrong and if I were her,it would have worse.It is Eddie and Leann that need to get a life.I read the comments, but people realize that by giving back money from your divorce because your ex needs to buy a ring doesn't make any sense.He is disgracing the male gender and it is Eddie that is psychotic not brandy big mike. Eddie needs to start acting like a man and think with his upper head not lower head. Not only does he embarrasses the male divorce gender men but disgraced his sons.He is getting what he deserves and hope he gets more because that is not enough.


Will this beotch EVER move on. Her vengeful agenda is so transparent. Get a life Brandi!


Brandi is clearly a psychotic woman who is selfish enough to drive under the influence, putting others lives in jeopardy. Are we really stupid enough to think that tire slashing is just a knee jerk response to being hurt. Many women are hurt and don't handle things by pulling out a knife. Let's just continue to punish Eddie and LeAnn for falling in love. Better yet, let's hang Eddie for leaving a psychotic whore for a better life.


ppl really need to cut this woman some slack (Brandi), she did nothing wrong that we know of, she was the once cheated on and lied to by Eddie C and LeAnn Rimes sure didn't seem to care about breaking up that family as long as she got what she wanted. Of course she is going to have strong and negative feelings about the situation. And unless LeAnn agreed to stop 'tweeting' 24/7 then if I were Brandi I sure as hell wouldn't agree to keep my mouth closed about anything. I feel sorry for her and hope she will soon find an A lister to love her and boys and be everything Eddie wasn't. She is certainly beautiful enough for that to happen.

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