Brad Womack on Chantal O'Brien Slap: All Good!

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For whatever reason, certain celeb news sites are playing up Chantal O'Brien's slap of Brad Womack on The Bachelor season premiere as some scandalous act.

Not only was it clearly staged - Chantal is practically reading cue cards, and Brad's nonchalant reaction was comical - it was harmless, not assault material.

As a result, Brad says he's fine, she's no Amber Portwood and that viewers need to take Chantal's unconventional greeting in stride, just like he did.

Brad told TMZ that, "I think Chantal was just trying to make a statement about my past behavior and make a strong first impression, which she did."

"I think what Chantal did was a light-hearted gesture. I do not condone violence, nor would I keep someone around who truly wished to do me harm."

He does insist the slap from Chantal O'Brien (and women everywhere) was "very real and hard," however. Especially after the ninth take, right B?

To learn how far Chantal makes it this season, check out The Bachelor spoilers here. Then follow the jump for Brad's interview with Jimmy Kimmel:


oh yeah now i believe he picked chantal and not megan, because megan wouldnt be watching all the episodes and watching him on the talk shows. she has class and doesnt need to see what brad is doing all the time.


Ya good thing they didn't have a pillow fight or anything.. That's like assult with a loaded weapon, right?


Anyone who believes Brad when he says it wasn't staged is an idiot. And he's was real. Sure. She really did slap him. no special effects. But Brad saying it wasn't an act or staged is BS. Its like the people of Survivor are sworn to not reveal info. Before it airs. They sign contracts and can be sued if they break it (ie reveal info about the show before it airs). Same logic here, guys. Brads not going to admit it was staged by the producers. DUUH! This is a business with contracts; the producers told him he can't admit the truth.


If Chantal the slapper got engaged to this uptight guy then they deserve each other...LIKE attracts seeks it same LOW LEVEL! YIKES!What an UNHEALTHY crock of shit their connection will be!
Lord have mercy on them....another FAILED TABLOID 3-4 months down the road....Chantal is clearly a SPOILED piece of work! What man will put up with that?


Domestic Violence should never ever be staged, promoted or joked about in any way shape or form. Brad Womack states in every TV onterview that Chantals slapping him silly is REAL and was never an act...So somebody's lying....not sure who...but even if it was REAL or NOT REAL it's a CHEAP SHOT LOW our society.
What a SHAMEFUL and DISGRACEFUL way to promote show by demonstrating ABUSE!
Even if it was FAKE!


She is the one he chooses to be engaged with.HE in engaged with the girl that slaps him and leaves the beautiful blonde Magen behind and hurts her.After all the hurt she has been threw already.


Its not that seruis really its a show... So get off that crybaby crap please! I see ur point but its not as seruis as ur making it seruisly lol calm down


0kay. It doesnt matter if it was staged. It doesnt matter if she was making a statement, a 'great' first impression, or any other excuse or spin you wanna put on it. Flat out any one person slapping another is wrong. And Im sorry but its ridiculous to say that woman didnt want to cause him harm. Okay. Why not something else then? Why get violent? Why? If the show was the BACHELORETTE and 0ne of the men came out and slapped her across her face SHOOT they haul him rght 0ut into a waiting squad car. Cmon ppl. This may not have bn harmful to Brad (he seems a lil freaky n bt to us SURVIVORS its not comedy or entertaining in the least, to keep watching DOMESTIC VIOLENCE be handled this way on television. Its not cute, sexy or anything other than deplorable that in 2011 THIS IS WHAT WE CALL GREAT TV! BOO! SHAME 0N THE BACHEL0R FOR MAKING LIGHT OF D0MESTIC VIOLENCE!

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