Booze and Boobs: A Night in the Life of Charlie Sheen...

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Bombshell McGee may not have enjoyed herself in Las Vegas this week with Charlie Sheen, but a witness tells TMZ the actor was in heaven at The Palms Hotel and Casino.

Detailing a penthouse full of "big booby blonde girls fighting for his attention," this source got a look at Sheen's suite and said: "It looked like porn star auditions... the girls were all over him and he just sat back and took it all in."

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Charlie Sheen contemplates which STD to get tested for first...

The Two and a Half Men star "loved the attention" and seemed like he was "in his environment," this onlooker added. Guests included McGee, her pal Lindsay Sinai and Bree Olson.

Tragically, however, Sheen came down with what his rep described as an "ear infection" immediately following his return to Los Angeles and arrived late to the set of his terrible sitcom.

For Sheen's sake, let's hope that "ear infection" doesn't leave sores on his mouth.



Ahhh, c'mon everybody...these women don't want money or fame. They just want a really 'cool' watch!!!


I love Charlie Sheen..


Ahw the day in life of Charlie and his hoes, how nice...


This is typical Charlie behaviour so it's really not news and not worth reporting. Some of us just accept Charlie for what he is and enjoy his show anyway.


Come on, the guy is living life for all of us that can't. His show is among the best, and I count on him to be true to who he is so that others may realize its possible ... if you look like him and talk like him and have $$$. I feel that he is the true reflection of man (when taken off the leash) ... Only difference is if I could be with anyone I wanted, it would be somone I couldent have, not somone I new I could have.


hi.......... prettty


pornstar auditions, really?

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