Barack Obama Tucson Speech a Call For Public Healing, Civil Discourse

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President Barack Obama did his best to comfort Tucson, Arizona and the nation as a whole last night at a eulogy for the victims of last week's tragedy.

Urging Americans to forward on "in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds," his speech evoked memories of the six killed and many wounded.

Among those wounded was U.S. Rep. Gabrille Giffords, whose supermarket meet-and-greet instead became the site of this unspeakable tragedy.

Obama condemned our nation's increasingly harsh public dialogue, or "politics, point-scoring and pettiness that drifts away with the next news cycle."

"Rather than pointing fingers or assigning blame, let us use this occasion to expand our moral imaginations, to listen to each other more carefully," he told 14,000 people at the University of Arizona's McKale Memorial Center in Tucson.

Instead, he called upon us "to sharpen our instincts for empathy, and remind ourselves of all the ways our hopes and dreams are bound together."


This country started with slogans such as "give me liberty or give me death". This plea for "civil discourse" is blasphemous. Unless government, which must always be remembered is your servant, fulfills its responsibilities it deserves neither respect nor civility. Both must be EARNED. What kind of man is our President who promises to close Gitmo, then reneges, slaughters poor civilians in foreign lands (including women and children), panders to the wealthy and powerful (including the criminal Zionist lobby), and continues to operate a secret police state which is manipulated by Wall Street lobbyists? I say, Give me liberty or give me death to you, Mr President. You are an ass. Speeches are meaningless unless you have principles and carry through. Call Matt Damon. He understands.


Mr. Obama was indeed Commander in Chief at last night's televised
Memorial Services. It was not intended to be a funeral service, but a Memorial Service. I do not think there is anything different that The President and his fellow speakers could have done to help ease the pain that we as a nation have dealt with in our own hearts for the past 5 days. Last night was an opportunity to be able to come together as a nation, and the power of television helped us to do that!!


Free Obama t-shirts placed on every chair, ovations topping every paragraph...robotic sincerity, YUCK!! The way this "memorial" service, or pep rally, was orchestrated is sick. All the high fives, smiles and cheering was so disrespectful. I tuned in to see a solemn and sincere event, free of agendas and political rhetoric. I saw Obama addressing the Congress, an invitation only event that only designated 10 minutes to the victims. He didn't directly address the dirty blame game that his party has been playing, which is something he should have done days ago. He once again called for unity, but fell short and as he hasn't actually done anything to stop the democratic party's divisive behavior and accusations. Action speaks louder than words, Mr. President. If he wanted unity, he would tell his cohorts to cut that crap.


Let's face it Junior, you have yor head so far up Omama's ass... you just think it's coffee!




FYI, there are people on the internet who pretend to be Latino, Black, people of color, Jewish or gay and then spout anti-immigration, anti-human rights, and anti-Obama rhetoric. These people are just Tea Party, palinite or hateful conservative supporters pretending to be concerned Americans. Totally gross.


Mr Obama what Americans want is Honesty, integrity, principles and good character in our political institutions.
Today the problem in Washington is that most of our representatives are lawyers that are in Washington to take care number one "themselves" and can care less about our country they sold themselves to the special interest that will maintain them in office.
Being a representative of the people to stop the invasion of Mexicans and illegal aliens is:
1- Stand and support our constitution, our constitution is a document that it's purpose is to protect the rights of the American people not any foreigner and illegal aliens that in our country in violation of our laws.
2- Uphold the rule of law, laws are to seek justice thought what is the true, and only the true.
3- Defend our sovereignty and right of the people to protect their land and property from foreign invaders.

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