Barack Obama Comes to Family Guy

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Sundat on Family Guy, Quahog's school assignment was to write an essay on hope, with the winner earning an exquisite honor of introducing the President.

Chris stole Meg's essay and won, but like a good brother, they ended up sharing in reading it and presenting Barack Obama at James Woods High School.

Then, of course, Obama appeared in a skintight leather outfit and sang a song for no apparent reason. This sort of thing tends to happen on Family Guy ...

Obama on Family Guy

Is that Elvis? Evil Kenevil? Oh, wait, that's just the President of the U.S. Follow this link for the best Family Guy quotes from last night and EVERY episode!


it was actually 23,000 per season. idiot


Typical of the libtards at Family Guy to try to portray the Liar in Chief as a rock star. That is the only thing explains his Ozombies who follow him no matter how he screws up the country.


For the non-musical watching writer--the president was singing a song from the musical "Bye-Bye Birdie" (a tongue in cheek reference made earlier by the principal about lousy plays). The "Elvis" style musician in the musical simply sings and people go crazy--very irrational in their reverence and pied-piper-like obeisance. Perhaps this was what the Family Guy creators were referencing. Sly and subtle humor, indeed.


I think the joke was aimed at Barrack Obama's rock star status, for he has certainly become an ever-present figure in popular media (i.e. "Mythbusters"). However, it may be that only the creators of "Family Guy" truly know. Still loved the episode.


Thought this was a great episode. Really dug the Charles in Charge bit, how the sweater budget for the show was 200 grand. I actually just watched this on my lunch break here at DISH where I work. I have TV Everywhere with my 922 receiver and am able to watch my DVR'd events right on iphone. It's awesome!

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