Ashley Harlan: Engaged to Ben Roethlisberger for Some Reason!

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Ben Roethlisberger has managed to find a woman more attracted to his stat sheet than his rap sheet: Ashley Harlan has agreed to marry Pittsburth Steelers quarterback.

The engagement has been confirmed by The New Castle News, Harlan's hometown paper. It states that the proposal took place over Christmas and that Roethlisberger's agent has advised his client not to discuss his personal life with the media.

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We can understand why.

On two occasions over the last few years, Roethlisberger has been accused of sexual assault. He's admitted that he used poor judgment, but says he never forced anyone to have sex against her will. No charges were ever brought about the All-Pro, but the NFL suspended him for a quarter of this season.

Harlan was a volleyball, basketball and softball star at Laurel High School. She played softball at St. Francis University of Loretto and earned a Master’s in physician assistant science in 2009.

She works in cardiac surgery department of Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh.

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Yea size of there junk is their number jay Cutler (6)


What ever happened to Andrea McNulty? It seems like after all that stuff surfaced about all of these emails she was sending talking about how "hot" Ben Roethlisberger was, etc., after the alleged rape and the online relationship with the fake boyfriend (ben the soldier) in which is she held herself out as some kind of sex kitten that the story died... is that case still going on? Is she still working at Harrah's after suing them? Just curious how it went away and she kinda dropped outta sight....


Why is a Master's Degree in Physician Assistant Science interesting....That is an awesome job.


Master's degree in "physicians assistant science" lol Interesting


Trust me, the #7 does not refer to the size of his 'junk'. She's a lucky girl


Strange....who would marry a rapist?


yeahh , Taylor Swift get favorite country singer .. I like it !


Have you met Ashley Harlan? She is Ben Roethlisberger's girlfriend and recently she also became his fiancé as they announced their engagement. But what else do we know about Ashley? Where is she from? Is she a model? Athlete? What does she do for a living? When and where did she meet her Steelers boyfriend?


It wasn't that clever. Consider yourself forgotten.


Ok... now I get it. Quarterbacks must have to display the size of their 'JUNK' on their jerseys. This might explain and confirm why Brett Favre (4) couldn't get the ladies and decided to just retire. Ahh... hahaha... the ladies will never forget this post or watch the game in the same way!!!