Angelina Jolie: (Not) Expecting Baby No. 7!!!

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No. Way.

Having just gotten married** to Brad Pitt, we knew Angelina Jolie would be yearning for another child. But we never expected it would happen so soon.

It's official, apparently. In Touch hath declared that the seventh child of the celebrity world's golden couple is on the way. At some point. Possibly.


Baby No. 7, Baby!

LUCKY 7: Hey, at least they didn't say she's pregnant. Claiming Brangelina "set a date" to bring home their next child leaves things much more open-ended.

While it's true that Brangelina did visit Namibia recently, it's doubtful they made any plans to adopt yet another child. They have their hands full with six.

Plus, this magazine will likely say they're splitting up or that Brad nailed Jen by next week. Zero credibility. Lots of humorous value, but no credibility.

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One minute Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are expecting twins, the next minute she is adopting without him going along with it. The next thing she is going to use a surrogate. Dah! Just what is it going to be? As far as I am concerned with all their money she can adopt all the children she wants as long as they are taken care of. Poor little Shiloh she looks like a rag-a-muffin, is she instiling in her to look that way. Most mothers want their little girls to dress pretty. What is her excuse? As far as having anymore children with a frame of bones. It appears she would not have a very healthy baby. What is her problem anorexia or drugs. Brad sure has made a fool out of himself. If you ask me the reason he says he will only marry her if all gays can marry is because he really does not want to marry her. Too bad you let Jen slip through your fingers. You both have turned into weirdos.


god will bless you for what you are doing it takes a good heart to take in kids and give them the life that they will make something of them self so keep on loving them do not let no body tell you anything that will get you upset for god love all his children and you Brad are his children to may god bless you and yours player


wow you guys are idiots, " dummies for celebrities" let them have 14 kids if they want, they can afford it, they spend time with their kids, their careers, their getting married, every couple has their problems and they are not excluded you brangilinas....congrats beautiful mama!


I am proud of all the interest in having children.


Dear Angellina, How are you and the baby you adapted from Ethiopia. I am a single mother helping education poor girls and bymyself and I need your kind help in order to support young girls and boys to complete their education at university, secondary and elimentary levels. Please keep in touch with me for future. with love from God. Atsede Guta


Poor excuse for a mother, feeds her kids trash, lets nannies raise them.she should be punched in the face a lot more than 6 times. Poor kids, I feel sorry for all of them


Only I would gamble that it's not Brads..and that a surrogate is having it...standing by what I wrote before


lol...anyone who thinks there isn't a child is kidding themselves


I think I wrote this...she will likely do the surrogate thing since the baby isn't Pitts..the Italian doctor has a nurse he is close to who has surrogated before...she is also a guess is she will take care of the child..this way she can raise the child, and when Jolie wants to see it they can meet at Coppolas "Cabines"

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