Anchal Joseph: Dating Jim Carrey!

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Following a five-year relationship with Jim Carrey, it didn't take long for Jenny McCarthy to move on to Paul Krepelka.

But the funny man is doing just fine himself in the wake of this split, too. Witnesses spotted him holding hands with Anchal Joseph last night, a 24-year old former contestant on America's Next Top Model.

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She and Carrey were seen outside the theater of Laura Linney's new play, "Time Stands Still."

A native of New Delhi, Joseph is pursuing a modeling career in New York. She was the seventh contestant kicked off the seventh season of that aforementioned Tyra Banks-hosted reality competition.

Not a bad catch, Jim. Not a bad catch at all.

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if she wasnt dark she wouldnt be so unusual girl work that pretty dark skin thousands pay to have that complexion lol


@ Natalie, that was rude. Her insecurities came from being teased for being dark skinned when she was in India. Indians do tend to treat their own people severely different based on the color of their skin. They even treat other people differently based on skin tone, too. I know plenty of Indians who will let their children marry who they want, but will NOT let their children marry a dark skinned black person, only light skinned. Hell, Bollywood movies are just NOW letting slightly darker people into the scene, but most of the people in the movies have fairer skin. One of their best actors EVER, Amitabh Bachchan, would have never been an actor had he not been friends with someone of high status simply because he was "too dark". I'm sorry, Natalie, but you must be white. White people really don't know what it feels like to be treated differently because of the color of their skin at all, even with the few incidences that are happening now.


budding celebrities try to be seen with more popular celebrities
it adds points to their popularity.


I'm glad that Anchal Joseph is not letting modeling consume her life. She deserves to enjoy herself and go out to a nice dinner with other celebrities. I'm concerned that older men might want to take advantage of her. Anchal is a sophisticated young beautiful ebony woman. It might be in her best interest to date someone like Justin Bieber or Nick Jonas. Men with careers that are beginning to take off since Anchel's career is in it's beginning stages too. I want Anchel to look at all her options, but if Jim Carrey is her choice then I am glad for her. Just make him put a glove on it. Don't destroy that beautiful body with an unexpected surprise.


i did not like her on antm, all she did was whine whine whine. its not gonna last.jenny was his soulmate, i think theyll get back together.


No offense, but she could do better. She's gorgeous and well he's... Ya know...


Come on Jim, you just have a girl from india, make it last and long relationship. Regards,


Really hope not, Jim Carrey can do better. I think Anchal looks wierd, and she was annoying, insecure and stupid on ANTM.


Hey idiot they weren't insulting jenny, they ere saying they're both moving on! Derp...
Anyway I remember her! I thought she was a pretty good model but as a bit whiny & insecure. She shouldve gotten further though. Interesting that she snagged jim carrey- she's lucky- I've got a crush on him!


I think it rather assumptive of "Hollywood Gossip" to say he has quite a catch. Looks alone yes, but his ex Jenny is also smart and funny and that was the glue that kept that relationship together. You you writing as carelessly as the tabloids!