Amber Portwood: Ruined By Teen Mom!

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Amber Portwood is fearing for the loss of daughter Leah, and feeling like Teen Mom has ruined her. Or just life as a teen mom. Either way ... ruined!

When Ambs emerged from the Madison County jail in Anderson, Ind., after being arrested for felony battery, she visibly shaken by the experience.

"I cannot even imagine not seeing my little baby if I go back to jail," Amber Portwood told Life & Style in its cover story. "It scares me so bad."

Ruined By Teen Mom

RUINED: By being a teen mom ... or violent tendencies?

Putting the orange jumpsuit back on is a real possibility for Amber, who faces three felony charges for attacking Leah's father, Gary Shirley, on the MTV show.

If convicted, she could be sentenced to three years in prison and $10,000 in fines, which has her second-guessing her decision to ever appear on Teen Mom.

"I wouldn't have been in jail because nobody would have known about it," she says, blaming her quasi-fame for making the baby daddy beatdown a bigger deal.

Amber pleaded not guilty last week and was released after 24 hours in jail. Should she be sent back there, or do you think the experience will change her?

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I hope whoever is defending amber never have guys are basically saying its okay to put your hands on your spouse/bf/gf...shame on you guys...I hope she rots in prison....


First all I think she has learned her lesson but I also think she needs anger management. On the other hand Gary is a lazy azz and he should have tried harder but there isn't any reason Amber should have hit him she should have been more mature.


OMG she is such an idiot she blaims her jail time on being on mtvs teen mom and says its mtvs fault cuz if she didnt do the show no1 would kno SMH at Amber hows about if you never putt your hands on him thinking your all bigg and bad then your ass woulda never been charge you IDIOT she only layed hands on him cuz she knew he wouldnt hit her bck i bet if she had a bytch in her face she wouldnt do that shyt you can just tell shes a scary ass BYTCH and i hope she serves jail time and losses her kid cuz shes a unfit mom anyways


Are you serious??? That pile of shit(gary)should have his ass beat again for being the immature idiot that he is!!!! Who would want to put up with his BS!! I think Amber put up with his shit for way to long! STOP feeling sorry for his sorry ass!!!! His dumbass should be in jail for NOT being a man not her!


@jamie the anderson police looked at all the tapes what was shown on tv and not shown on tv and she did in fact put her hands on gary in front of leah...had she not there wouldn't be charges on her for battery or neglect (both felonies).


mtv didnt do this she did and she should go 2 jail because if a man can go 2 jail for hiting a women then she should 2 and gary should grow up and be the man he need 2 be for his daughter .


It really bothers me that she said that noone would have known about the abuse had she not been on TV! But I honestly do not think that prison is going to do anything for her. I think that she should have to take parenting and abuse classes and only get visitation with Leah until after she finishes that. And if she does not finish the classes or if she messes up in ANY WAY THEN she should go to prison. And for all of you who say that Gary is inocent...that she didn't do ANYTHING wrong...well thats total bs. That prick liked pissing her off and he should have to take parenting classes as well. EVERY TIME that he took Leah it showed her with HIS MOM! If thats being a parent to you then you've got problems!


Okay, here's my input. For everyone that says she punched/kicked Gary in front of Leah, SHE DIDN'T! If I remember right, Leah was with Gary's mom. I am going to be honest right here.. Me & my boyfriend/baby's father got in a physical fight, and I called the cops, and they didn't do SHIT. Since I had no marks, and he had scratches from me trying to get him off of me, they said I would be the one going to jail, if we wanted to press charges or whatever. I am not saying that domestic violence is OK, but I think that she does not need to go to prison for three years. I've seen/heard about cases like this for people that aren't famous, and they were only in jail over night, and that's it...


There is absolutly NO excuse for her actions. She committed domestic violence, noone forced her to do so. Kicking Gary in the back while he is walking downstairs! Seriously!! Yes he's a lazy bum, but that is no reason for her to put her hands/feet/knee/elbow or what ever on him in that manner. Amber needs to take responsibility for her actions and take anger management classes as well.


I'm glad she's going to prison...don't do the crime if you can't pay the time...whoever is blaming gary I pray you never have children ever!!! The only thing gary is stupid about is taking that psycho back over and over again knowing its always going to be the same!!! Leah should have been put up for adoption!!!