Amber Portwood: Ruined By Teen Mom!

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Amber Portwood is fearing for the loss of daughter Leah, and feeling like Teen Mom has ruined her. Or just life as a teen mom. Either way ... ruined!

When Ambs emerged from the Madison County jail in Anderson, Ind., after being arrested for felony battery, she visibly shaken by the experience.

"I cannot even imagine not seeing my little baby if I go back to jail," Amber Portwood told Life & Style in its cover story. "It scares me so bad."

Ruined By Teen Mom

RUINED: By being a teen mom ... or violent tendencies?

Putting the orange jumpsuit back on is a real possibility for Amber, who faces three felony charges for attacking Leah's father, Gary Shirley, on the MTV show.

If convicted, she could be sentenced to three years in prison and $10,000 in fines, which has her second-guessing her decision to ever appear on Teen Mom.

"I wouldn't have been in jail because nobody would have known about it," she says, blaming her quasi-fame for making the baby daddy beatdown a bigger deal.

Amber pleaded not guilty last week and was released after 24 hours in jail. Should she be sent back there, or do you think the experience will change her?

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Clearly Amber hasn't learn anything from being held accountable. Leah needs to be taken away from her for good. As far as Gary not the father! What a joke! Just look at Leah, she is the spitting image of Gary! As long as Leah is with either of them, she will not stand a chance in this life. Leah should be placed in a loving home where she can grow up and become a responsible, kind and loving person who can give her children the same. Stop the cycle now with Leah. Both Gary and Amber need to be fixed!


BELLA BELLA,BELLA,i dont give rats behind how much one yells or how loud someone speaks to another that gives no one the right to put their hands on someone because they cant express themselves verbally and it is clear that amber portwood dont have the skills to express her feelings,yes i believe the pressure of being a teen mom weighs on a young girl but she had three choices and she choose to bring a child into her unstable life,now she wants to blame mtv but i betcha she dont have a problem cashing that dam check and if she thinks mtv caused all this stress in her life she should leave the show(money is too GOOD)Amber needs to stop playing the blame game,truly SHE IS THE BLAME FOR HER ACTIONS.jail time yes,Leah taking a way INDEED will she leARN FROM THIS NO. gary is a story by himself.GET OFF YOUR LAZY DO-NOTHING AND DO-SOMETHING GARY.


These 2 take the cake! They're both as sorry as the day is long and the only one hurt in all this is their daughter. Gary is a beached whale with absolutely no ambition or sense of responsibility - in other words he's a lazy bum. Amber shows an incredible lack of maturity and responsibility for her own actions. She agreed to be in the show and as such she accepts any result from it. So, she thinks she would have never gone to jail had she not been on the show? Maybe not the first couple of times but once an abuser, always an abuser and she would have continued her ways until either Gary did something about it or someone saw her behavior and turned her in. The show is the least of her problems.


Oh boo hoo Amber! If you didn't act all crazy and violent around your kid or towards Gary you wouldn't be where you are now! Don't blame the show! BLAME YOURSELF!!!! Nobody put a gun against your head and made you do the show just as nobody put a gun against your head and made your abuse Gary in front of your kid!


@ron: the difference between us is that I'm sure 99% of us take responsibility for our actions and she doesn't she like to play the blame game!!!


if u didnt want to b a teem mom u should have been more careful.... u dnt deserve to have a kid.. ur baby deserves a better mom!!! ur a mean bitch. gary is a good dad... let him take care of her u sure as hell dnt deserve to... all u care about is fuckin random dudes... being a teen mom didnt ruin ur life being a whore did !


It is so surprising that some of you speak as if you have never done anything wrong. If you lose all you have ever wanted in life and you have no support, that is a very sad and depressing situation. She wants to get her GED, she wants to work, and she wants to be a good mom to Leah and she has very little support from anyone. She is expected to know how to deal with all of this and she is basically still a child herself. Remember she was 16 and pregnant, barely old enough to drive and to young to vote.


If you watch the show you have seen Gary shove Amber as well, they should have taken a stressed out young teen mother aside and got her some help instead of using her stressful life to increase their ratings. She is young, much younger than Gary and she needs help not punishment! The show it named TEEN MOM!


Jail is too easy if u ask me. She should just have to give up custody of Leah and Gary should have a restraining order so she cannot pop up at anytime. ONLY visitation she should be able to get with Leah is with Gary there with her for 10 hours a MONTH! KICK HER OFF OF TEEN MOM... so he cant get paid, and make that bitch see what life is REALLY made of!


If only that girl could have had some stable strength & a reality check-she could have had a shot at a really good life. Now everything is ruined and her reputation is ruined in front of millions of people. Gary and Leah didn't deserve what she gave them... Hopefully little Leah will find a loving and safe home.