Amber Portwood: Ruined By Teen Mom!

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Amber Portwood is fearing for the loss of daughter Leah, and feeling like Teen Mom has ruined her. Or just life as a teen mom. Either way ... ruined!

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    Amber should have thought about her child and her life if thats what she is scared of loosing.. She cant keep on doing it and think that she is going to get away with it. She is in rehab now to try and deal with it.. I hope it all works out for her!


    I cannot believe this girl!! Her child should be everything to her. When Gary said he was taking her she didn't even question it? I'll be damned if I let my kids dad take my kid out the door when he's telling me he's keeping her forever!! Poor kid


    leah needs to be with her daddy.and amber leah didnt ruin ya ya ruined ya self a baby should be ya whole world and not some dame toy.and yes she should go bk to jail and maybe it will open her eyes a liitle bit more ya do not talk or hit people like that on t.v..amber ya should be amshamed of ya self blameing other and not ya self.leah deserives so much better than living with a angry and hateful mother what if she hurt her own child then what would she do.and leah need to be loved and shown how to care to for other


    I think she should go back to jail because if she didnt want everybody to see her hitting him then she shouldnt have hit him!!! She needs to take responsibility for her actions and act like an adult!!!!


    Ron - "If they really cared about these teens and these babies the incident would have been stopped before it could escalate. The baby was in the room when they started by yelling. They could have stopped it for the sake of the baby if not for Amber and Gary."

    That's not what MTV is there for; it's there to show an accurate account of what a teen pregnancy and becoming a teen mom is REALLY like.

    If they candy coat it, it won't deter any other teen from making the same mistake these teens made.


    "I wouldn't have been in jail because nobody would have known about it," she says, blaming her quasi-fame for making the baby daddy beatdown a bigger deal."

    And that would have made it better - how? That's just trying to shift the responsibility for her horrid actions on MTV instead of accepting it herself, and that's part of that young woman's problems.

    "Amber pleaded not guilty last week and was released after 24 hours in jail."

    It's on film; how could she even consider pleading not guilty? She planning on offing the cameraman next?

    Praying for her child. With a violent mother like that, Leah is going to need all the prayers she can get.

    I pray Gary Shirley gets fully custody one day. Leah will have a better chance with him as he's low key and he loves her.


    Does anyone want to really look at what MTV is doing to these young (TEENS)! Talking about the Blame Game! Address the fact that this SHOW is bankable because it is about TEENS that become moms at a young age and have difficulties learning to cope. If they really cared about these teens and these babies the incident would have been stopped before it could escalate. The baby was in the room when they started by yelling. They could have stopped it for the sake of the baby if not for Amber and Gary. Oh, what am I thinking? No fight no ratings!!!! Why not address my previous comments about these issues. I am just curious, what do you guys think about it?


    Amber has a serious prob and does not deserve to be around her child! Thank god cameras were around to catch her ass beating on garry! I wouldn't doubt it if she put her hands on leah! She does not deserve to have her! All I can say is lock her ass up! I am a teen mom and I would never let my child see the thing s she was doing!!


    oh so she is going to blame the show? How about taking responsibility for her own actions? she definitely has a problem with anger management and violent outbursts she shouldn't be around any children and certainly not her own child. Amber you need some serious intense therapy but that won't happen until you
    accept and admit you have a problem and need help
    real-wishes dot com where wishes become reality


    I swear when I read this stuff I feel like I'm in the twilight zone. All I can say is a prayer for the baby. Children need stability and structure. And from the looks of things it's not going to happen anytime soon. In a perfect world Amber would wake up and see the error of her ways and put Leah first. I am not suggesting she not make mistakes but alot of this stuff at best is dumbassery. Get it together Ms. Amber.

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